Iron Man Will Be Taking On Malekith The Accursed In RINGS OF THE MANDARIN


After doing battle with Thor in Jason Aaron’s epic storyline The Accursed, Malekith will be taking on a different Avenger as part of Marvel NOW! phase 2. It was revealed today that the ruler of the dark elves will be squaring off with Iron Man in Kieron Gillan’s new arc Rings of the Mandarin with artist Luke Ross. Iron Man won’t be taking part in the string of relaunches, but he will sport a cover that numbers it as #23.NOW.

The epic showdown will run for five issues and see Malekith making a play for the Mandarin’s rings. Iron Man’s most infamous villain is currently dead thanks to Obidiah Stane’s son, so no one is currently working under the mantle of The Mandarin. The story will focus on the fallout of Gillen’s last arc where Tony was made aware of his secret origins. Rings of the Mandarin is described as “meld[ing] magic with modern technology, all while Tony Stark is also trying to deal with the major revelations of the last arc, namely that he is adopted and has a long-lost brother – his parents’ birth son. The mixture of Malekith and Mandarin’s power rings will see Tony dealing with things outside science and therefore things out of his control. This arc is pretty much anger. Tony ends up wanting to punch stuff.” Everything will kick off in March 2014. Will you be checking out Iron Man’s run-in with The Dark World?

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Source : Newsarama