IRON MAN 3 Writer Drew Pearce On What He Would Like To See Next From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Iron Man seems unlikely to get another solo movie anytime soon. Robert Donwey Jr has stated that he has little interest in returning to the role in a solo movie, but he did sign on for The Avenger Age Of Ultron as well as the third Avengers movie. With that in mind, it’s not out of the question for some of the creators of Iron Man 3, more specifically director Shane Black and writer Drew Pearce, to team with Marvel again. Pearce, when asked if he would return to work with the studio again this time as a director said, “finger crossed.”

CDDocStrangeWith Iron Man out of the way for the next round of solo movies, MTV asked Pearce where he would like to see Marvel go on the solo movie front. “There’s a list of heroes I’d love to see,” he said. “Doctor Strange would be brilliant, Drew Goddard’s going to do Daredevil much better than I ever could, but I’m jealous of that. God, Cloak and Dagger, I even like Cloak and Dagger, and I think there’s a brilliant movie to be made with them. I’m sure none of them will come to fruition because nobody really cares what I think, so that’s OK.”

But that’s not all! Pearce would revive and old comic strip from back in the 80s that was titled Damage Control. A group of blue collar workers who would clean up the street after big superhero battles. “Who cleaned up New York?” Pearce asked about The Avengers. “Was it S.H.I.E.L.D.? S.H.I.E.L.D., it doesn’t appear to me, might not know how to rebuild a building or something. But you wouldn’t just get a contractor in because what if there’s something residual there? In the comic strips, Damage Control is all blue collar guys and girls, and some of them have super powers and some of them don’t.” He went on to say that it would be a nice way of expanding the universe where people are aware they are in a world full of superheros, and getting their reactions to the world they live in.

Pearce’s next Marvel project was going to be The Runaways, but as of right now the studio has pulled the plug on it. With his desire to work on with them again, and the success of Iron Man 3, I’m sure that Marvel has a trick or two up their sleeve that will involve Drew Pearce. But for now we will just have to sit back and wait to see what is. For the latest on all thing Marvel Cinematic Universe make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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Source : MTV