Iron Man 3 Scribe Weighs In On Fox’s And DC’s Movie Universes


drew pearceRegardless of your opinion of Iron Man 3, I think we can all agree that it had a daring and ambitious script. Director Shane Black and Drew Pearce were the two men behind the polarizing plot twist regarding Sir Ben Kingsley‘s “Mandarin.” Pearce has been out and about talking a little about the film ahead of its upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release. In a chat with SciFiNow (via CBM), the writer shares his opinion about Fox and WB/DC‘s attempt to make their own cinematic universes.

Pearce started off by talking about how honored he was to work for Marvel on Iron Man 3 and says he’s continuously talking to them about what “we” do next. Pearce has had a Runaways script that has been in development for years. As he’s been around the Marvel offices, he says he’s heard a lot of great buzz for the Russo brothers directed Captain America sequel. He stated he had never heard such a buzz coming from the editing room. Switching over to Marvel‘s distinguished competition, Pearce shared his thought on what he thinks about DC‘s efforts to make their own connected movie universe:

There’s a lot of talk about whether Warner are following the Marvel model. But I think they’re just following the Dark Knight model and using to branch out, character by character. It’s a smart move that they’re not trying to do Justice League and they’re going to bring Batman and Superman together their next movie instead. I think DC are still doing their thing, I don’t think it’s particularly derivative of Marvel.

While he remained a little more positive about WB/DC‘s efforts, the writer didn’t have as nice of things to say about Fox‘s Marvel plans:

There’s definitely more of a sense of ‘Marvel Studios did this well, maybe we should take care to join up our part of the the Marvel universe’ at Fox. It’s trickier because they’re not coming from as clear a place as Marvel was, because they already have a bunch of continuity issues, though I’m sure X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to clean that up. I’m sure in Fantastic Four there will be a sense that it’s the same world as the mutants exist in.

Pearce isn’t saying anything new about Fox. I mean even Bryan Singer has been on record about Fox‘s continuity disasters. It’s just always a little more hurtful coming from someone outside of the family if you’re Fox. Marvel changed the superhero movie game. There’s no denying that. Now Fox and WB/DC are trying to play catch up. Everyone is going about it a different way, but I think both studios will have things set up nicely over the next few years. What do you think about Pearce‘s comments?

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Source : CBM