Invincible #96 Review


The Rex/Monster Girl storyline has come to an end for now, and it’s a great ending. And also in the win column, we get Mark Grayson back in the spotlight.  It’s a good month to be an Invincible fan.

The Monster Girl/Rex story line that has been the focus point for the last few months ends on a great note.  I like that Robert Kirkman gives it a sense of closure while keeping a few threads open.  The ending makes me want an ongoing for these two.  The big fight against the Flaxan army ends rather abruptly.  It was never given enough time in this arc, so it’s no surprise it’s gone so fast that a reader might not realize the fight ended.  That might be the only fault for this arc.  If the entire arc was centered around Rex/Monster Girl/Monster Girl’s Son having a conversation.  It would have flowed better, and left the focus on the characters.  Kirkman also balances the many plot lines well.  We jump quite a bit story wise, but the issue never feels rushed. The Bulletproof storyline gets some much needed adrenaline.  Putting it simply, there is a new sense of excitement for the book.  And this is a great thing considering Invincible #100 is coming up.  Every milestone issue should have a great run up to the issue.

But the big reason that this issue got a 4/5 was the return of Mark Grayson.  I’ve written a few reviews for Invincible recently, and ever time I mention how I miss Mark Grayson.  He’s the reason that kept me reading Invincible.  I’m glad we had this short side story, as it shows how strong the Invincible universe is, but we need Mark Grayson.  I put the issue down down and was genuinely excited about the next few issues.  The somewhat lack of power that Mark is dealing with his handled very well by Kirkman.  It’s relatable without making him less of a superhero.  Eve and Mark have been one of my favorite comic couples for some time, so seeing them have problems, and deal with them in a mature and real way was great to read.

Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker knock the issue out of the park on art.  The only thing that I would write down as a “bad” thing is how young Rex and Monster Girl look in Ottley’s scenes.  They look like pre-teens, then go to full fledged adults in a couple of panels.  I was a little confused at first, but realized what was going on during my second read through.  Otherwise, it’s a great issue by Ottley.  Walker’s pencils are great as always.  He jumps from quite talking heads to bombastic action scenes without missing a beat.  As always, the faces are very expressive, with the reader being able to get the gist of what’s going on without reading a line of dialogue.

Invincible is going to be a great book to read in the upcoming months. Next month would be a good time to jump on.

Invincible #96 gets 4/5.


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