Invincible #92 Review


Invincible continues to be a comic series that is impossible to get a hold of.  And by get a hold of, I mean guessing what is coming next.  Robert Kirkman continues to screw with Mark’s life, while also borderline shattering the rest of the relationships that have been building up in the last few months.

Kirkman balances the multiple plot lines well in this issue, but Mark’s sadly doesn’t get enough time.  It’s great to see the lesser characters explored and built upon, but readers go to this book each month to see the exploits of Mark Grayson.  Saying that, Kirkman has put Mark into an interesting predicament.  While nothing new for superhero comics, it’s interesting to see Kirkman’s superhero tackle this plot point.  There is a huge battle near the beginning of the book that wasn’t really needed.  It’s clearly there to give Ryan Ottley something big and bombastic to pencil, but some of those pages could have been added to the other parts story lines.  Monster Girl and Rex, and Bulletproof, take up the rest of the issue.  Monster Girl and Rex are slowly becoming one of my favorite parts of this series.  We get a few ideas of what happened to them, and we will no doubt get the whole story in an upcoming issue (I believe #95).  The ending is harsh for the couple, and long time readers will be intrigued by this turn of events for them.

Bulletproof, while being the only person in the Invincible costume, barely gets any time to shine.  But Kirkman showcases an interesting predicament for a superhero, and handles it well.  We often see superheroes with loving girlfriends/boyfriends, but showing a hero with a jealous/insane partner.

With the increasing cast of this book, Kirkman might want to consider a side book.  Maybe a double feature, with two short stories about the rest of the cast in this world.  Bulletproof will be going to Guarding the Globe in September, but Monster Girl/Rex could support half a book.  It would be a great place to start up new villains and other plot points.  While not a major concern, it just makes some issues uneven.

Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker share penciling duties on this issue.  Ottley pencils most of the issue, with Walker handling the story parts that detail Monster Girl and Rex in the alien world.  Ottley’s pencils are, as always, gorgeous.  Characters have a stunning mount of personality when they speak.  And while he fight scene wasn’t exactly needed, Ottley knocks it out of the park.  He never ceases to amaze me when it comes to penciling new villains.  Every one has a unique look to them.  When the big revelation on the last page hits, Ottley gives an almost terrifying look to Monster Girl’s face.  The reader can feel how angry she is, and want to side with her even before we know exactly what happened to them.  Walker’s scenes in the alien world don’t fair as well.  The aliens aren’t as interesting as Ottley has penciled them, and the action scenes can be a little stiff.  But Walker pulls through when it matters the most.  The talking scenes between Monster Girl and Rex are handled well, with a wisdom beyond their years clearly there.

Invincible #92 gets 3.5/5.

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