INTERVIEW: Princeless Scribe Jeremy Whitley


Like everything in life it’s very easy to complain about what’s wrong in the comics industry. Princeless however has been a source of pleasure these last few months.


I’ve been happy to support this book financially by purchasing every issue , as well as reviewing the books on my personal blog and for CBT. With issue four of Princeless relasing today and the upcoming trade release in April . I’m happy to share with you a recent interview with Jeremy about the origins of Princeless and it’s future.


1)Tell me how you came up with the story idea for Princeless

I wanted my daughter to be able to read and love comic the way I have in my life.  I’d love to share that with her.  Unfortunately, i just don’t feel there are enough kid friendly strong female characters out there.  Either they’re helpless princesses or sparsely clothed supermodels.  I wanted her to have a character she could really look up to as a role model and as a woman of color.
2)With Princeless Action Lab makes it look effortless to create diverse, female friendly comics. Was that foremost in you thoughts? Or coincidental?

This was the main thing I wanted to do with Princeless.  To be honest, Adrienne predates Action Lab, but it’s because of them that she’s gotten this chance to live and breath.  I’m eternally grateful for that.  The diversity issue in particular was one I wanted to deal with, largely because everyone else seems compelled not to.  While my wife has always been a bit into comics, her sisters weren’t.  And why should they be?  There are few to no black women represented in comics depending on the month you look.  It’s as if the comic industry has decided that they have nothing to say to black women.  Black women are nerds too!  Why shouldn’t they be able to open a comic book and see a black woman fighting evil?

3) I know Action Lab is active in social media and blogger outreach, have you been able to get Princeless into schools or libraries?

I’m so glad you asked that Kai.  That’s actually my next area of concentration.  The trade will be out in April and is far more ideal that a floppy book for a library setting.  Honestly, though I’ve been doing some cramming I’m still pretty clueless on this and would love any help, advice, or leads that anyone can offer.  Hopefully Princeless is just the sort of book that libraries will want to have in their collection and I’d love nothing more than to visit some libraries with it.


4) Issue 4 of Princeless gives the impression that more adventures are possible, can you confirm a sequel is coming?

Oh yes.  In fact, there will be several.  Each mini will be its own self contained chapter in the story, each focusing on a separate rescue.  There are a lot more great characters for everyone to meet and a lot more action packed adventures for Adrienne, Bedelia, and Sparky in the days to come.  Plus, issue 2 will give us an introduction to some of the bad guys who will have the job of tracking down our rouge princess.

5) Whats next for you creatively?
Well, in addition to doing a lot of signing and selling at cons this summer, I am working on several projects with my self publishing press, Firetower Studios.  I write daily webcomics following several stories with several artists on our website.  There’s something for everyone, from werewolf lawyers to my wife and my journal comic about parenting and being in an interracial relationship.  Also, I’m continuing work on my other print comic “The Order of Dagonet” with artist Jason Strutz.  All of our issues are currently available from our website or digitally on Graphicly.  Psst…the first issue is free and features some amazing art by Mr. Strutz.

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