I recently had a chance to talk to writer and fellow Tucsonan Eric M. Esquivel. Although he now resides in L.A., his love for Tucson is magical…right Eric?

We talked about his new book that comes out next week called “LOKI: Ragnarok and Roll”, Kanye West, Music and Aquaman (duh!). Take a look, Eric’s answers are in bold.

When I heard the title LOKI: Ragnarok and Roll, I couldn’t help but think that the comic would be influenced by music, so can you tell us what kind of music are you currently listening to? Any bands you recently got into?

Recently? Calabrese’s newest record “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch” is fantastic, I’m super into everything Mars Argo puts out. I just got back from the Golden Afternoon reunion show at Meltdown Comics, in Hollywood.

Weird answers maybe? I dunno. I finished the script for Loki: R&R #4 about a week ago, so I’ve been givin’ the metal stuff a rest as of late (mostly for the sake of my cat, girlfriend and neighbors).

Tell us what LOKI: Ragnarok and Roll is about? Explain it to someone who has never heard about Loki before.

Alright, so there’s this tribe of cosmic, all-powerful beings called “Gods” who exist solely because humanity wants them to. We, as a species–collectively, unconsciously–will them into being with our faith. And the Gods are only dimly aware of this. Most of them buy into their own hype, and truly think that they’re the Alpha and The Omega.

…but there’s clearly a problem with that theory, because there are a multitude of pantheons, each with its own “All-Father”, “Messiah”, “God of Thunder”, “Lord of Lies”, etc.

The various myth sets have coped with this fact by establishing some common ground rules that they all must adhere to (in order to avoid competition):

1.) No challenging the narratives of rival mythologies.
2.) No public display of miracles.
3.) No active recruitment of human beings.

But the thing about Loki is that he’s not too great at following the rules…

Obviously Loki is not a LOW KEY GUY….see what I did there? I’m horrible at jokes I’m sorry.
Now, what made you want to write about Loki?

First off: that joke rules. Don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise, champ.

I wanted to write about Loki because no matter how many times he gets whacked in the forehead with a hammer, he refuses to lay down. Loki believes in what he believes in, and he just, flat out won’t be swayed by popular opinion. Or logic. Or the detriment of his physical well-being. As a vegan, sober, poly, college dropout weirdo that’s a guy who I can get behind.

Who would you choose to be Thor, Loki or Odin?

CM Punk as Thor, Russell Brand as Loki, and Danny Trejo as Odin.

Wow, those are some good choices, specially having Danny Trejo as Odin.

Can your talk about your writing process, is it always the same or it depends on the story you are writing?

The actual work itself is exactly as it is for every gig: sitting in silence, in the dark, for as long as I possibly can before my girlfriend pokes her head into the room to make sure I haven’t killed myself.

The only thing that differs is that I very calculatedly augment my artistic intake whenever I’m working–so, for this one, I watched a lot of Kanye West and Riff Raff interviews, read both of Russell Brand’s memoirs, listened to a ton of ridiculous 80’s metal, etc. Really tuned into that “trickster” frequency.

Is LOKI: Ragnarok and Roll a continuation of Thor Unkillable Thunder Christ? I mean are they in the same universe?

Totally different continuities. Thunder Christ was the low-print-run mix-tape that got me signed with a major label (BOOM!) so that I could do the thing the way it was meant to be done.

Which other mythological character would you like to write about?

I sort of nailed all of the best ones in this book. I would sincerely like to play around with some of the Scientology characters, though. Those crazy kids are kookier than He-Man and The Masters of The Universe.

Why should people buy LOKI: Ragnarok and Roll?

Honestly–this book isn’t something everyone will be into. There’s not “something for everyone”. Were not Pixar.

LOKI: RAGNAROK AND ROLL was created for the kind of human beings I’d like to hang out with after shows. It’s for folks who look at mythology, pop art, and celebrity culture, and understand that there’s no meaningful difference between the three.

It’s for bright, interesting, good looking people. Everyone else can read the Marvel book.

Not everyone because I get confused with all the captions that Deadpool has. True story. (Man, my jokes are lame)

Can you tell us the name of the playlist that Loki has in his MP3 player and which bands he listens to?

Actually, every issue of LOKI: RAGNAROK AND ROLL comes with a four track playlist, specific to that issue!

Great minds think alike, man.

Wowsers! I guess you are right.

Would Loki ever listen to Kanye West?

Regardless, I think it’s pretty clear that Kanye listens to Loki. Anybody with the ability to stir folks up like that has a touch of The Trickster in them. Loki bless ‘im.

What’s in store for Esquivel after Loki? Any projects you can tease us about?

A couple of Adventure Time stories, a Regular Show thing, and some non-BOOM! stuff I’ll hit you up about later.

I have to get this out of my chest. Would you ever consider writing a comicbook about Topo the octopus? And how violent would it be?

Aquaman’s upright-bass-playing little octopus buddy is nothing to joke about, good sir. He’ll kill you eight times before you hit the ground.

Where can people find you Señor Esquivel?

I’m on twitter @ericMesquivel, I’ve got a Facebook fan page, and my website is

There you have it folks, let us know what you think on the comments section.

You can pick your copy of LOKI: Ragnarok and Roll on February 19, 2014!
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