Infographic Shows Audi Is The Go To Car For Action Movies


audiWhen you think about action movies you probably think of fights, guns, beautiful women crossing the hero’s path, and fast cars. There’s always a car chase in action movies and they usually involve super fast, sleek cars our hero either owns or “borrows” to escape some henchmen. An Audi might not be the first car to spring to your mind though. You might think an Audi is something James Bond picks drives to pick up his girl of the week before infiltrating the evil lair of the enemy of the week. It turns out Audi is actually used in action movies more than you think. You can check out the infographic via who have compiled a list of a few movies an Audi has been featured in, how long it was on screen, and how much online interest increased for the particular car after it appeared in a movie. You can see the chart including movies like Transformers 2 and Iron Man below. Would you want to drive an Audi if you were in an action movie?

[click to expand]


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