Infographic: How Long Would Wolverine Have Made It Without His Healing Factor?


wolverine bannerJames Mangold‘s The Wolverine (and even Paul Cornell‘s Wolverine comic) is doing something bold with Logan: they’re taking away his healing factor. One of Logan‘s greatest powers is his healing factor that allows him to come back from any and all injuries. His Adamantium skeleton and claws are pretty cool too, but his healing factor lets him slice up his hands so he can extend and retract his claws. The folks over at DSL.Com put together a great infographic looking at what would have happened to Wolverine throughout the course of the X-Men movies if he didn’t have his greatest power. From X-Men to Origins, they tally up all the hurt and figure out how many times our little Canadian berserker would have died. The biggest damage damage comes in Origins. Wolverine escaped death 32 times, but the viewers didn’t. It’s safe to say that we all died a little inside watching that movie. Take a look at the inforgraphic below. You can click on over to see video recaps of “the hurt” from each film. What do you think about Wolverine‘s near-death experiences?
Wolverine Can't Heal
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