INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK Relaunching This April With Mark Waid And Mark Bagley


banner bannerHulk destroys, Banner builds” has been the motto for Mark Waid’s Indestructible Hulk. Now it seems the motto is ‘Marvel destroys, Marvel builds‘ because the title will be getting a Marvel NOW! relaunch with a fresh #1 issue this April. Joining Waid on a new chapter of Banner’s journey in dealing with the Hulk will be artist Mark Bagley. The new series was revealed along with a nice piece of artwork from Bagley earlier today at CBR.

hulkIndestructible Hulk’s first chapter will be ending with issue #20, after Banner/Hulk deals with the fallout of Inhumanity and the onset of Terrigenesis. Waid explains how the final few issues will set up what comes next with the series’ new direction:

They bring Banner to a very important realization — that perhaps his motives for re-engaging his scientific mind weren’t the purest. How much of his rededication has to do with genuinely wanting to help the world — and how much has to do with his own ego? There’s a real comeuppance for Bruce in issue #20 and it sets the stage for the new launch.

The teaser image from Bagley offers up a few possible hints as to what we may be seeing in Waid’s new story. Banner apparently gets shot, and that leaves him in a very vulnerable position as you could imagine. Waid went into full-on teaser mode and danced around what’s going to be happening between Banner and the big, green rage monster that lives inside of him:

Not MUCH I can say without tipping my hand, but let’s say that Banner’s in a VERY bad way physically as the series opens up a few hours after the end of the previous one — and you’ll be surprised in whose hands his life rests! For the time being, Banner and Hulk will be divided in a way we’ve never seen before on a long-term basis, and those who are eager to see the Hulk once more be his “own” character will be very pleased, I think.
Banner really, really has to decide once and for all what he wants, how he wants to get it, what he’s willing to sacrifice, and why he wants to follow his career path. And the answers will really shock you. They shocked us…Get ready to learn a lot about Bruce Banner that you never knew. And get ready to see Hulk start doing something that we’ve NEVER seen.

You can read what incoming artist Mark Bagley has to say about working with Waid by clicking the source link. The relaunch will finally see a consistent artist on the title, one of the only real complaints that has been leveled at the series. The two Marks seems to be very excited about working together and telling the story they’re teasing mercilessness, so that’s always a good sign for things to come. Waid has really taken Banner, Hulk, and S.H.I.E.L.D. in a new direction with Indestructible, so it will be interesting to see what chapter two is like. What do you think about Hulk getting a relaunch?

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