Ian McKellen Lends His Voice To Doctor Who Plus Other Christmas Special News


The first bit isn’t that big of a spoiler, just the reveal for who would be voicing the titular villains. The other part is indeed a spoiler, but won’t make much sense unless you’re well versed in old Who. Don’t worry, they’ll be fair warning before that bit of news. Read on!

First up, the actor that is voicing the snowmen. None other than Gandalf/Magneto himself, Sir Ian McKellen. The Radio Times is reporting (even though they were told not to) that the legendary actor is lending his unique voice to the Christmas episode. This marks McKellen’s first appearance in the long running show. Many fans have hoped McKellen would show up in Doctor Who, so this is a welcome addition. Now if we can only get his buddy Patrick Stewart to show up!

The other bit of news is the spoiler. Last chance to back out now.

According to Bleeding Cool, the ending of the Christmas episode will reveal something that ties into something dating back to the 60s and the time of the Second Doctor. The conclusion of this episode will tie into what’s coming up for the remainder of the season. The Yog-Sothoth, The Great Intelligence is returning. Patrick Troughton faced off against the Yeti in the London Underground, but the Great Intelligence was really behind the robotic snowmen. The Great Intelligence is a disembodied mind from another universe searching for an earthly container. The great mind will be popping up in the second half of season 7.

There you have it. The Christmas episode is getting good reviews and the addition of McKellen should have fans eagerly awaiting Christmas Day. The other spoiler should have longtime fans excited as well. That’s one villain that has been rumored to return for quite some time. What do you think about the McKellen revelation?

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Source : Radio Times