Hugh Jackman Briefly Talks The Wolverine: Plus New Images From The Latest Issue Of Entertainment Weekly


wolverine ew bannerThe trailers, clips, posters, and teasers we’ve seen for The Wolverine make it seem like we really will be getting a good Wolverine movie for once. James Mangold and company will deliver the fan-favorite Japan saga and push the Canadian berserker to his limits. The movie comes out toward the end of July, and the media push is really starting to crank up again. Part of that has included the new trailers and posters we’ve gotten over the past few weeks. Hugh Jackman is back out there again talking about the film as well. In a recent interview with CNN, the actor talked about his love of the role.

Hugh Jackman has appeared in 6 movies as Wolverine, setting a record for comic book movie actors. All these years later Jackman is still loving every minute of it. This outing will be a little different from previous ventures though:

Yes, (‘The Wolverine’) is a character piece, and I would say it may be a little darker in tone than the others, and it certainly feels a little different, (but) it’s just as much fun. The action is probably in this is more inventive than we’ve ever had before.

Jackman always comes across like a super nice guy in interviews. Other than Tom Hanks, he’s said to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. While he has always been positive about his other outings as Wolverine, there is something about the way he’s been talking about this one makes it seem like it’s going to be extra special. Part of that is because Jackman really feels the role is special:

He’s back, and I couldn’t be happier. I never in a million years would’ve thought (that) I’d still be playing this character (12 years later). It kind of really is shocking to me, but at the same time, it’s such an instant gratitude, because I love this character.

I certainly feel proprietorial over him, and, you know, I have now read a lot of (the) comic books. Being someone who had never read the comic books, when I first heard about the audition, I was like, ‘They want me to play Brian Maddox?’ who is the lead of this Aussie rock band called the Uncanny X-Men. … So I knew nothing. It’s been a great ride.

EW also has a big Wolverine-centric issue coming out soon as Jackman covers their new summer movie special. Along with the cover comes a few new images from the film. You can check those out below. The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th. What do you think about Jackman‘s comments?


wolverine cover

wolverine 2

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