Hugh Jackman Breaks Down The Wolverine Trailer And The Film’s X-Men Cameo


wolverine bannerWe’re safe now. We made it through the storm of teasers and found ourselves with a full trailer for The Wolverine. James Mangold and company thought it would be a good idea to put out a 6 second teaser, then a 20 second teaser, and then the international/domestic trailers. That’s over with and now everyone can go back to talking about the movie. Hugh Jackman sat down with MTV to talk about the movie’s trailer and share his insights on a few key scenes.

If you’re in the USA, you can go right ahead and watch MTV’s video. Here are the highlights of the chat if you’re not.

wolverinewphotos3Jackman on Viper

Viper is a badass, for someone who plays Wolverine, who is pretty badass. … She’s not your girl next door. You’re going to end up kind of loving every minute she has on screen.

Jackman on the bullet train

It is insane. It was insane to shoot it. It was, again, one of those brilliant ideas. One of the most emblematic things about Japan is the bullet train. I can’t go on the bullet train without any incident. It was hairy, shooting that stuff. To re-create what that is like, the kind of winds at 300 miles per hour, let me just say, looking back at some of the footage, I thought, ‘It’s time for a facelift.’

The Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) cameo

There’s no doubt that the most important relationship in his life is — we’ve seen through the movies — is his relationship with Jean Grey. Yes, we saw her die at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, but in this movie, she has a presence, which I think is vital to the movie, particularly for him confronting the most difficult thing within himself.

The movie takes place after X3, so right now it seems that Jean will be appearing in a dream, flashback, or hallucination sequence. Then again, it’s a comic book movie so she could have found a way out of dying during that whole Phoenix business. What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to see The Wolverine?

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Source : MTV