Hugh Jackman Almost Had A Cameo As Wolverine In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man


jackmanHugh Jackman has been dropping all kinds of great little news nuggets while out and about promoting his film Prisoners at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. Yesterday we heard The Wolverine actor talking about Days of Future Past being 3 movies in 1 and how Bryan Singer sort of influenced Christopher Nolan’s Batman films (click here for that). Well today the actor talked about what could have been an awesome cameo way back in the early 2000’s. Wolverine almost had a small cameo in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man.

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Jackman talked about his new movie at TIFF of course, but toward the end of his interview he dropped a surprising piece of “What If” news. Jackman has been campaigning for Wolverine to show up in The Avengers so he can go toe-to-toe with Robert Downey Jr. Fox and Marvel Studios would obviously have to work out quite the deal to make that happen, but Jackman was asked if it was possible something as simple as Wolverine walking by in the background could be done. That’s when Jackman said that is exactly what almost happened back in 2002. The only thing that stopped that was a well hidden lawyer:

In the first “Spider-Man” — Kevin Feige reminded me of this — we really tried to get me to come on and do something, whether it was a gag or just to walk through the shot or something. The problem was, we couldn’t find the suit. The suit was stuck in some thing. And so when they were in New York when I was there, we couldn’t get it together. So, you know, I actually asked some high level people about it. Because the optimist in me goes, “Why not? Why can’t we do it? You know, a split cast or whatever?” And someone reminded that the amount of money Fox paid compared to the amount of money Disney paid is very different [laughs]. So how you split that pie up? God knows. But in the comic books, what’s great about it is they’re just mashing together all the time — and it’s awesome. And people are like, “Yeah, well, let’s get this one with that!” And, you know, I still think, one day, there may be an ability to do it.

Now either the “suits” were really in a meeting, or that’s just something they told Jackman to calm him down. He’s very chipper and excitable, so I’d say he was coming up to them every day asking when he could film a scene. If it didn’t work out, I can see them going “Oh, the lawyers are in a meeting and we can’t find them Looks like we’ll have to scrap that idea, Hugh.” I hope that wasn’t the case. Maybe we’ll see Jackman get his cameo in a future film. What do you think? Do you want to see Wolverine branch off from the X-Men?

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Source : HuffPo