How Close Did We Come To A New Superman/Batman Animated Series?


PDVD_137-e1316574377856Beware The Batman is set to premiere on The Cartoon Network soon. This new animated series will be a different take on the The Dark Knight then we have ever seen before. No only does it seem as if Alfred will be getting into the mix and fighting a little bit, but Batman gets a new side kick in the form of Katana.

Also gone from the series are the traditional villains that fans are accustomed to. Will we see the classics such as The Joker, Two Face, and others? Maybe, but as of right now the only names that are popping up are those such as Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie.

While the new series has some people excited, and others scratching their heads. According to series producer, Mitch Watson, we almost got a very different series. The first thought they had was to make the show a very dark, “Escape From New York kind of thing, which was a lot of fun.” He also added that it was darker than what the network wanted to go with it, so it was scrapped.

However, the second version of the show sounds extremely interesting. This show would have not only centered around Batman, but Superman as well. “We came up with the lighter version of the show, which was Batman – specifically Bruce Wayne – and Clark Kent at the beginning of their careers. The show revolved around Clark as a cub reporter coming to Gotham City, where he meets Bruce. They’re also just becoming Batman and Superman. Clark and Bruce become friends, but Batman and Superman hate each other. Then they realize who each other is and get on the right side and end up living in the same building,” explained Watson. He also went on to add that if the Superman/Batman show would have been green lit the show would have explored the heroes in their early 20s, and the tone would have been much more lighter than Beware The Batman.

Disappointed the Superman/Batman series didn’t get picked up instead? Don’t worry because according to Watson ideas are being tossed around all the time. “There was just a feeling that although they really liked it, the timing for a Batman/Superman team-up show just didn’t feel right. Not yet. I can tell you that variations of that idea are always on the boards and something to possibly do, but it hasn’t happened yet. I think it would have been great and maybe we’ll get a chance to do it someday,” he said.
Personally the idea of Superman and Batman coming into their own as heroes and as people in their early 20s sounds a lot more entertaining than what Beware The Batman does. However, I will give the show a chance and hope it surprises me. For the latest on all things animated, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Voices From Krypton