Highlights Of Bryan Singer’s DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Q&A: New Mutant Announced And More

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singerBryan Singer‘s Days of Future Past Q&A started a little later than announced and lasted for only 30 minutes, but the director did reveal a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming film. Ahead of tomorrow’s full-length trailer (which will be released at 6AM PT), Singer took to Twitter to answer a few select questions. The biggest things to come out of the chat is the fact we’ll see a more “hardened and kick-assMystique in the film compared to First Class, the new trailer will largely be a character pieces since “most of the VFX are not yet finished,” and a new mutant was announced.

Singer said that Ink would be one of the many new mutants in the inbetweequel. Ink, real name Eric Gitter, is a mutant who has iconic tattoos all over his body that grants him special abilities like making people sick, healing people, reading minds, super strength, and flight. He was created by Marc Guggenheim and Yanick Paquette. Ink made his debut in Young X-Men #1. I have to admit I’m not that familiar with him, but his Wiki entry can be found here. I’ve waded through Singer‘s Tweets to give you the highlights you see below. If you just want to read the full thing, hop over to his Twitter account. Notice how Singer said he’d love to use Gambit, Deadpool, and a few other character he would like to keep secret. Could we see them pop up in some way?


What was the funniest moment on set?



What is he editing right now?


What is the tone of Days of Future Past compared to the other X-films?





And when asked if we would see the Sentinels in action, as if we didn’t already known the answer, Singer said “Yes : )” So there you go. Singer mainly took softball questions, but he did tell us a few interesting things. What do you think about the director’s comments? Are you ready for the trailer tomorrow?


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