More Heroes On The Way? Chris Hemsworth And Kevin Feige Talk AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


avengers age of ultron bannerKevin Feige, Chris Hemsworth, and the rest of the Thor: The Dark World crew are out there making the final press rounds as we get closer to the US release of the Thor sequel. While they’re happy to talk about their latest effort, they’ve also been opening up a little about what comes next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today Hemsworth and Feige offered some interesting tidbits about Avengers: Age of Ultron while speaking with Total Film.

Hemsworth was asked what he thought about Joss Whedon‘s script for The Avengers sequel. The actor once again reveals he hasn’t heard anything about the film just yet, but he knows Whedon is hard at work and scripts will hopefully be going out to the major players soon. The Thor star said while he hasn’t read anything yet, he has all the confidence in the world that Whedon will please fans yet again:

I don’t know, I haven’t read the script yet. I don’t know…I think they just finished. I know Joss is busy working on it. I hope, I think we will get one soon. I have no doubt it will be as good, as enjoyable, and bigger and better in all the best ways. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. I have all the confidence in the world in Joss. I’m certainly looking forward to getting back with that team and that group again. It was just so much fun.

avengersWhen asked what he could reveal about the film, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige had something a little more interesting to say about the film. While he said he couldn’t reveal much, he did let loose one interesting quote:

It’s much too early to say to much, but the title gives away one thing- who the new villain is. Ultron is a classic Avengers villain from the comic books. What we have planned, and what Joss has written him, are hopefully very exciting to audiences. We’ve announced James Spader is going to be bringing that character to life for us. Other than that, it’s all of the heroes you expect and then some. We’re excited this time filming it in London, our fourth film here in London. We love coming to here. Also taking The Avengers out of New York and having them doing a bit of globe trotting over the course of this next adventure.

Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman were asked about the film too, but they had no clue what anything was. We knew Avengers would have more of a global scale this time around, but it’s interesting that Feige said “it’s all of the heroes you expect and then some.” He’s said the original cast will be joined by Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but more and more recently he’s been teasing more heroes than we expect. He may be hinting that the sibling duo won’t be the only fresh faces introduced in the upcoming film. With Age of Ultron taking on a global scale, it would be a great opportunity to introduce a few new heroes from around the world. If things get really bad, the Avengers may even need to seek some advice from the technologically advanced Wakandans. It’s been rumored that Wakanda may be in the film, and Feige has said they’re looking at some Black Panther possibilities. While it may be fans reading too much into a quote, there seems to be a possibility we may see several new faces enter the Age of Ultron. The globe trotting quotes keep making me think of Wakanda too. What do you think Feige is getting at? Do you think he’s hinting at something that large?

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Source : Total Film