Hellboy Creator Says “No Current Plans for Hellboy 3”



There are a lot of comic book properties out there that fans would love to see adapted for the silver screen. There are also a few characters that have fans waiting anxiously for a second or third film. One of those is Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy films. The previous two films held their own at the box office, bringing in enough to warrent the continuation of the series, at least for two films. The last we heard on the project, Del Toro stated that money, as is usually the case, was the hold-up on a third film. He has ideas and a story pretty much ready to go, but the problem is that he’d need over twice as much money than Hellboy II: The Golden Army used to make the film he wants. Being that the second film barely made enough to cover its budget, the studio isn’t to keen on the idea of forking over that kind of dough, which is understandable.

While discussing the character with Comic Book Resources, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola had even more dire news for fans of the big red paranormal crime fighter. Mignola was asked about creating new stories and whether or not he’d be sending them out for solicits, and his answer gives the sad news about the potential third film, saying “The biggest problem I see as far as PR for the next billion years is explaining endlessly not only that there’s no ‘Hellboy 3’ movie, but it’s going to be explaining ‘It’s a series, but it’s not a monthly series.'”

In classic Del Toro tradition, he remains positive about the possibilties of a third film, but Mignola, who served as executive producer on the first two films, seems to be a bit more grounded. However, even if a third film was given the go-ahead, it’d be extrememly difficult for Del Toro to find the time to get the film made. He is currently finishing work on his robots vs aliens sci-fi flick Pacific Rim, and work on his next project Crimson Peak, a haunted house thriller starring Jeesica Chastain, Emma Stone, Benedict Cumberbatch and Charlie Hunnam, will begin next year. Del Toro may still have ties to a Marvel project as well as the Justice League Dark project for Warner Brothers.

As time goes on, it seems less and less likely that we’ll see a third film happen in this franchise, which is too bad. Hellboy seems to be a rather “under-the-radar” comic book movie franchise that deserves more credit than it recieves. What say you fans, are you still keeping the hope alive for a third film or is this the end of the road?

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Source : Comic Book Resources