Hellboy 3 May Not Be Dead Just Yet


hellboyHellboy fans know better than to get their hopes up, but it looks like there is a chance Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman may get to finishing the Hellboy trilogy thanks to Pacific Rim. ShockTilYouDrop caught up with both Del Toro and Perlman and they seemed to breath life into the rumors.

The last we had heard about Hellboy 3 was that Perlman and Del Toro wanted to do it really badly, but unless somebody had a rich uncle that wanted to give them millions of dollars it probably wasn’t going to happen. Well it seems things have changed in the last few months. At a recent dinner with Legendary Pictures head Thomas Tull, the two men brought up the movie and started bouncing ideas off the Legendary Pictures boss:

I hate giving pieces about it, but last night, we were at dinner and Ron said, ‘I would be very happy to do Hellboy again, when are we doing Hellboy 3?’ Thomas [Tull] said, ‘I would love to see Hellboy 3.’ He didn’t say he would love to do it he just said he’d like to see it, but today, I’ll ask him.

hellboy and abePerlman has been big about finishing up the trilogy for quite a while now. He’s been adamant about finishing up the story he says would be a huge epic if it made its way to the big screen. The actor thinks Legendary would be a good home for him and the director:

Not just anybody can make this movie. I loved working for Legendary and I know for Guillermo working on Pacific Rim was one of his greatest experiences. The reason I loved working for them is because Guillermo was so happy. I came in six months into the shoot and he seemed as fresh as a daisy, simply because he was working for someone who appreciated and supported his outlandish visions of what he wanted to put on the screen. My immediate, silent wish was, wouldn’t it be great if these guys came in and helped resolve the Hellboy series.

After the site published their story, Thomas Tull contacted them to offer a brief update. He didn’t say much, but he said that for it to happen there are rights issues that have to be worked out for Legendary to get involved. The studio recently announced their split with Warner Bros., so they’re looking for someone to partner up with. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that they could join up with someone and negotiate the rights for Hellboy. Legendary handled 300, Nolan‘s Batman films, Man of Steel, and Watchmen so Hellboy would be in capable hands. This is all hypothetical right now, but if the top brass is interested in it the wheels could start moving in a way they haven’t in the last few years. What do you think? Do you still hold out hope of a Hellboy 3?

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Source : ShockTillYouDrop.com