Hellboy 3 May Be Slow Going, But What About An Abe Sapien Movie? Doug Jones Thinks It’s Very Possible

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abe sapienSince Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman have been out and about doing press for Pacific Rim, they’ve gotten bombarded with questions about Hellboy 3 and if it will ever happen. Both seem very excited and eager to do it, but rights issues and busy schedules make it seem like it won’t happen for a while if it even gets made at all. Hellboy fans are chomping at the bit for something new in the realm of movies, so the talk has turned to spinoffs. Abe Sapien is the logical choice. Doug Jones, who plays the loveable Abe and is a master of make-up performance, seems to think a TV show or movie is a real possibility.

The folks over at ScifiNow caught up with Doug Jones to ask him about the possibility of him siting back up as the BPRD agent. Jones has heard some chatter about Abe getting to go his own way:

I’ve heard talk from Dark Horse Entertainment that that’s a possibility, whether it’s a movie franchise or a TV series even. In the Abe Sapien comic books and the BPRD comic-books he was a key character on his own, those are possibilities. I’ve heard a lot and all of it excites me because I would love to reprise Abe in any way shape or form, but mostly I would love to do it under the direction of Guillermo del Toro again.

Of all the costumed characters that I’ve played in my 27-year career, Abe Sapien is my favourite and I’ve made no bones about that ever, he is. I connect with him, I love him, and I love the collaborative effort that made him. It took a village to make Abe Sapien happen and I would love if there was a Hellboy 3 where we could all come back together again and continue the story because it does feel unfinished at this time, I would love to see that completed.

Doug Jones is fantastic in everything he does, and his Abe Sapien stole the show in the two Hellboy films. Hopefully something gets moving with a solo film faster than Hellboy 3 has been going. What do you think? Would you like to see an Abe Sapien movie or BPRD TV show with Doug Jones?


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Source : ScifiNow via Bleeding Cool