Hellboy 3 Is Very Unlikely According To Del Toro, Even In Comic Book Form


hellboyHellboy movie fans have been put through the ringer the last few years, but the last few weeks have been an exhausting emotional roller coaster. Director Guillermo Del Toro and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, have been talking about the possibility of the third movie while doing press  for Pacific Rim. The duo seemed somewhat optimistic about ending the trilogy, but they pretty much said they wouldn’t hold their breath until it happens. Now Del Toro is saying the film is very unlikely to happen in any way shape or form.

Collider posted the first part of their extended interview with the director today, and it’s all about Hellboy 3. The fan-favorite movie maker said it’s unlikely to happen because too many variables have to come together all at once. You can watch the 3 minute video below to see everything he had to say about the film and what it could have been, but the director made an interesting statement when asked if the story could be translated into another medium like a comic book series. Apparently he’s spoken with Hellboy creator and writer Mike Mingola about that exact possibility:

Well I talked to Mike about making it a comic and Mike said very clearly, “Hellboy the movies is yours, Hellboy the comics is mine; I don’t wanna confuse them.” He has been very clear about not bringing any mythology we did in the movies into the comics, like Kroenen being a mechanical clockwork zombie Nazi, or The Samaritan, which is not called “The Samaritan” in the comics, or Big Baby, or Abe Sapien being like the character he is in the movies, which is different. In the comics he’s a hard-ass, Abe Sapien is really a tough guy, and in the movie he’s like this sensitive, mind reading fish man. So [Mike] is very careful, no love story between Liz and Hellboy, so on and so forth.

Del Toro doesn’t say the above with any hostility or anger towards Mingola, but it does sound like the comic book writer completely shut him down when the possibility was raised. What do you think? Do you hope Del Toro‘s finishes his story in some form of media now that it seems the movie is well and truly dead?

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Source : Collider