THE HEAT Director Paul Feig Apparently Pitched A WONDER WOMAN Movie To Warner Brothers


Wonder-woman-tamar20-30864544-1024-737The Heat was one of the Summer’s big hits in the comedy department doing well not only at the boxoffice, but with critics too. People praised the raunchy flick as entertaining with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McArthy as the leads in the project, that was helmed by Paul Feig.

While chatting with IGN about the blu-ray and DVD release of The Heat, Feig revealed that he went to Warner Brothers with an idea for another movie. That movie would have been based on Wonder Woman. The film would have involved The Amazon Princess “hitting the glass ceiling,” of the superhero world. It appears that he would have looked to take it the way of Jack Black’s failed Green Lantern endeavor as well by making it a lighthearted action comedy. Along with the comedy aspect of the film, there would have been as not so forward thinking Superman and Batman to contend with. The duo would apparently have not thought too much about a female superhero.

When asked about the tone of the film he was looking for, a comparison to Iron Man got brought up. As most know Tony Stark is quite the light hearted character that gets thrust into some pretty dire situations.

Obviously since he is talking about it Warner Brothers did not go for the pitch. What is interesting though is that he said he made the pitch recently. So that would seem to imply that maybe Warner Brothers isn’t sitting on their hands with Wonder Woman, and are actively looking for people to come in and make their case to bring Diana to the big screen. Whatever happens with the character, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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Source : IGN