HD Screencaps From The New Iron Man 3 Trailer


So you’ve probably watched the new Iron Man trailer a few times by now I’m guessing. If you can pry yourself away from the video long enough, we have some HD screencaps from what you’ve just been watching. You can see some pretty interesting details in some of them. I direct you to when Tony sends his armor down to storage. Can you spy a few different suits? Is that the space armor we’ve heard so much about in the right hand corner? There are plenty of character shots including some beautiful ones for the Mandarin, but the most exciting batch may be the last few showing off the rumored Hulkbuster armor. What do you think of the shots? Did you find yourself a new wallpaper?

[click any to expand]

iron man 1

iron man 2

iron man 4

iron man 5

iron man 6

iron man7

iron man 8

iron man 9

iron man 10

iron man 11

iron man 12

iron man 13

iron man 14

iron man 15

iron man 16

iron man 17

iron man 18

iron man 19

iron man 20

iron man 21

iron man 22

iron man 23

iron man 24

iron man 25

iron man 26

iron man 27

iron man 29

iron man 28

iron man 30

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