Has Zack Snyder Signed to Direct the Justice League Film?

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justice-league-photoWhile Marvel continues to pump out movie after movie, Warner Brothers and DC Comics seem to be sitting on their thumbs. But they have good reason to be honest. They continue to say they have plans to move forward with a Justice League film, but word on the street is that they are waiting to see how Man of Steel performs later this year; not just at the box office, ,but the fan reaction will also play a big part in whether or not they move forward with the planned team-up film. For months now, peculation has been running wild as to who WB may tap to helm the film, with names like Reuben Fleischer and Ben Affleck being tossed around. Zack Snyder, who directed Man of Steel, has also been mentioned. Obviously, the studio has remained tight-lipped about the whole thing. But Snyder, whenever asked about potentially directing Justice League, simply replies with a curt “no comment” type response.

Meanwhile, Reuben Fleischer, the man behind Gangster Squad, may have outed Snyder as the director of the potential film. Fleischer recently talked with Screen Crush about the rumors of him taking the helm of the JL film and he had a rather surprising response, saying “Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing.” Now, it is quite possible that Fleischer is just taking a stab in the dark, basing this off the numerous internet rumors that are floating around the internet, but there are a few things to consider here. First, Fleischer and Snyder are good friends and talk quite often and second, Fleischer worked with writer Will Beall, who penned the script for Gangster Squad as well as the first draft of the script for Justice League, so it’s quite possible he’s in the know.

Snyder’s reps have yet to respond to inquiries about this news, and if/when they do, expect them to deny it all. We likely won’t here any news on the JL front until Man of Steel has been released and they can get a good view of how the rebooted franchise will do. If Man of Steel is as good as it is rumored to be, then WB will likely hang on to Snyder and let him handle the reigns of the Justice League film. Do you think Snyder is a good choice for the job? Or would you rather see someone else take on the project?


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Source : Screen Crush