Has Information About Marvel Animation’s Future Spilled? Falcon A Possibility In Next Phase Of Marvel Movies


Marvel TV News have gotten some very juicy info from one of their “trusted friends” codenamed Agent X. There’s a rundown on what’s really going on with Ultimate Spider-Man, the new Avengers and Hulk cartoons, and some mystery projects. First off, the Marvel insider is reported to be the same one who clued them in on the Avengers Assemble cartoon and many other projects that proved to be true. There is a disclaimer that because things can change with these animated plans until they actually air, they may change slightly. Take all of this with a grain of salt, but MarvelTVNews.com has a fairly strong track record.

Apparently, Marvel knows fans hate Ultimate Spider-Man regardless of all the spin they have been doing recently with the announcement of a second season. The show was picked up for another season before the first even debuted.  The informant also states that rating s are not good at all. Here’s one of the more interesting bits:

Chances are more than high that Ultimate Spider-man will conclude after season 2. There will be some minor changes to the show during its 2013 season (a bit less in your face humor, a tiny bit more drama, and less scripts from “man of action” while more from Bendis and Dini). If by chance, the fans embrace the show in its second season it will be renewed, otherwise a new Spider-man show will replace it. Early talk about a series in the same tone as the upcoming movie reboot have been discussed, but nothing more than just that: discussion. Agent X also still urges the fans to show their disapproval of the show, since Marvel is listening, although it takes months and years for the company to answer the cries

Hulk and the agents of SMASH is going to be aimed specifically at kids. Marvel knows that they need to make shows that can hold kids attention but still be viewed by adults, but like Ultimate Spider-Man they realized this too late. Marvel is “almost certain that hardcore fans are not going to enjoy this show either.” The stated demographic is boys 5-12, so it’s all action with little to no plot or character development.

On to Avengers Assemble- it is reportedly shaping up to be the most ambitious animated show Marvel has attempted to date, and they are spending the money on it. It will be in line with the move universe and Marvel. Because of the fans reactions and comments about Ultimate Spider-Man, it will not tie in to that shows universe or the new Hulk show. There were talks and hopes of having the movie cast voice the cartoon, but high costs killed that idea. At the least, the voice cast chosen will try to emulate the movie actors voices. Here’s some quotes, notice the Falcon one!


Falcon was chosen to be in the roster, so that fans get familiarized with the character, before his “certain” appearance in the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Panther and Antman will join the cast later and a possible Ms Marvel inclusion is also on the table.

Thanos will feature as a big villain in the show.

Finally, if all that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, Agent X told Marvel TV News that there are two more animated projects in the works. One is an X-Men show that may have the same tone as Avengers Assemble. They refused to divulge the second one. This is all very exciting stuff if you were among the dissenters of Ultimate Spider-Man. Marvel has to keep a positive face, but it’s nice to know they are listening to the fans. While I have been vocal about my Earth’s Mightiest Heroes displeasure, this new toon is sounding extremely promising. If all of this holds up to be true we have some exciting stuff on the horizon. Oh, and lets not bury the big tidbit about Falcon possibly being in the next phase of the Marvel movie universe.

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Source : Marvel TV News