Harry Lennix Has Confidence He’ll Be In BATMAN VS SUPERMAN


131031-MOS-InterviewHarry Lennix will be forever endeared to Man Of Steel fans. Yeah, sure he did an awesome job as General Swanwick the US military leader who was reluctant to trust Superman in the film. But it was his actions at Comic Con that may have put him forever into fanboys and girls hearts. With director Zack Snyder on stage he asked Lennix to lend his voice to read a passage from The Dark Knight Returns, that would ultimately announce Batman Vs. Superman.

Collider caught up with Lennix to chat where he talked about being able to make that announcement. “Zack introduced me and the people understood what was coming,” he explained. “It was all in real time, and the audience was playing catch-up to the mysterious weight of this reading. Just to be a part of that and to really be going on auto-pilot was just surreal.  It was like an out-of-body experience. I couldn’t see anybody out there, just because of the nature of the configuration, but I could feel them. It’s like having sonar. You could feel this wave of energy coming up, the lights black out, and then I went off stage. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. When’s the next time I’m ever going to be able to say that Batman and Superman are going to be in the same movie. That’s crazy!”

Lennix was asked if he hoped doing the solid for Snyder would guarantee him a part in the Man Of Steel sequel. He humbling replied that he would have made the announcement even if he was told they never wanted to see him again. However, he did tease by saying, “I have some confidence that I’m gonna be in the next installment.” For the latest on all things Batman Vs. Superman, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Collider