Hans Zimmer On Making The New BATMAN Theme Different From THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY; Not That Zack Snyder Is Asking Though


Batman/Buperman #68 comic book cover art by D.C. ComicsHans Zimmer might be getting a little burnt out on the whole what will he do with Superman/Batman thing, and who could blame him Actually, he is getting a little burnt out on sequels in general. Vulture caught up with the famed composer, who said that he really didn’t enjoy working on Pirates 4, and was really relieved when Christopher Nolan told him on The Dark Knight Rises, “That’s it.”

Even still Zimmer had to know what he was getting himself into when he signed up for Man Of Steel. The studio wouldn’t reboot one of their most popular franchises with out aspirations of multiple sequels. However, what the studio had in mind for a sequel in regards to bringing Batman in I’m sure caught Zimmer off guard.

Still Zimmer graciously answers questions what he would do with the movie, but still reiterates he has not been asked yet. “Zack hasn’t talked to me about it, so I don’t have to worry about it! I’ll worry about it when I have to worry about it,” he said. Don’t look for him to recycle ideas from The Dark Knight Trilogy though. Zimmer explained, “I wouldn’t want to put the ideas I used in the Chris Nolan Batman movies into a Superman movie. It just wouldn’t feel right.”

Zimmer said if he is lucky he will have an idea for the film he can do something with, “but if I don’t have an idea, then my good idea is going to be, ‘Get somebody else.'” Which is refreshing to see that he is willing to take himself out of the equation if he can bring him self to think of anything new. Whatever the case maybe, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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Source : Vulture