Halle Berry And Anna Paquin On Coming Back For DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: Plus An International TV Spot Hits


storm and rogueTo say there are a lot of characters in Days of Future Past is an understatement. The fact that Empire rolled out 25 character covers over as many hours attests to that fact. Two characters that haven’t quite had their fair shake in the X-Men movies are Storm and Rogue. Halle Berry and Anna Paquin may cause a split reaction among the fanbase, but they’re very happy to be back for Days of Future Past. Paquin’s comments take on a whole new meaning when you look at them in the light of the recent news that she may be cut from the film. If all that wasn’t enough, the first TV spot for the Bryan Singer directed X-Men inbetweequel has hit.

Talking with Empire (via X-MenFilms.Com), Halle Berry says she never thought there was any chance of Storm ever spinning off or popping up somewhere else like Wolverine and a few of the other X-Men have done. Berry says “I don’t think storm ever got developed enough in the franchise to spin-off. That would have been a big stretch.” It probably didn’t help that Berry’s portrayal of the weather manipulating mutant wasn’t as warmly received as some of the other members of the cast. Many felt Berry, while a fantastic actress, was miscast in the role of Ororo Munroe. Berry did mention she felt obligated to return for Days of Future Past regardless of how she felt, saying “We all felt it had its turn and it was time to move on. I felt an obligation to [return to] the series and to my peers.” The actress also goes on to state that her pregnancy, which she sound out about shortly after agreeing to come back, impacted her role. She had to scale back the action and take it easier than planned during her two weeks on set.

rogueThe other lady with an X-gene, Rogue has had a rough time in the X-Men franchise. Anna Paquin’s mutant with a deadly touch was one of the main focuses of the first film, but she quickly faded to the background in subsequent films. Things got even worse for Rogue fans when Singer revealed he had cut the character’s one big scene. Since then there’s been some backtrack on that statement so we don’t really know if Rogue will be in the film or not. Paquin commented on the possible cut and how she loved coming back regardless. The actress stated “From previous experience the specifics of what happens in the film change from the script you read. But [coming back] was one of those things where it feels like you never left. Did the last eight years happen or did we just have a long Christmas hiatus?” Regardless of how things play out with Days of Future Past, Paquin would be up for coming back as Rogue in another film or even one of her own. She told the magazine “I would do as much as they would want to do. I still feel that there’s a lot of Rogue that has not been explored as far as some of her abilities and the cool stuff she gets. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. If anyone were to pitch that film, I’d be up for it.

So Storm and Rogue are happy to be back, but the one fans wanted to see the most might not even be in the film now. Hopefully there’s a definitive answer on the whole Rogue thing before long. Singer made a point of clarification a few weeks ago, but it didn’t clear things up much. We’ll just have to wait and see. One thing you won’t have to wait and see is the first TV spot for the film. You can watch that below. What do you think about the recent goings on in the X-Men world?

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