Guy Pearce Talks Aldrich Killian And AIM In Iron Man 3


killianGuy Pearce is notorious for not talking about the movies he is in before they are released, but when you’re in a Marvel flick you’re going to have to talk about it a little. Pearce spoke with recently about playing AIM scientist Aldrich Killian. While he usually doesn’t talk about his films, he did talk a lot about his character. He even dropped some potentially huge spoilers. Read on at your own risk and all those other warnings.

Pearce talks about Killian‘s motivations and where we find him in the movie. He outlines the character in detail:

Killian is an interesting character as he’s somebody who came into this world with a number of physical disabilities. He’s never been able to accept those limitations though and has spent most of his life trying to overcome them in any way he can. His tenacity and blind determination in fighting for a better life are seen by some as irritating, as he often comes across as obnoxious. He just won’t accept the cards he was dealt, and being as intelligent as he is, has real drive to change and become a different person.

So we find him at the start of the film in a flashback and we see the ambitious, almost annoying, guy that he is. He takes opportunities to try and latch onto people like Tony Stark. So you see this very ambitious character and you see him later on in the film having made a change, and Tony and the other people that have met him early on kind of go, “How did this happen? How did he do this?” But he’s a dangerous character. He wants to become all-powerful. That’s sort of a driving force with him and Tony Stark realizes eventually what this guy is capable of.

guy pearceThe actor went on to say that he did plenty of research by looking at comic books. While he may have read all of Killian‘s appearances in print, it sounds like Marvel will depart pretty heavily from the Killian story. Pearce talks about the character starting AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics):

When Killian started his organization A.I.M., however many years ago, Pepper was somebody whom he employed to work there. Obviously, from the outset he was very keen on her. She’s smart, she’s attractive, she’s a great girl. But Killian was someone that she was never interested in. When we meet Killian early on in the film, everything about him is unappealing on some kind of level and she always kept him at arm’s length. Then years later when he goes to her to basically look for funding and to get her involved again, she’s completely taken aback by how charming he is and how wonderful he now looks, plus his attitude’s changed. So she is kind of taken by him; she doesn’t quite know what’s happening to her and her reaction to him. And obviously, she and Tony Stark have a relationship, so this causes a little rift between those two.

While some of that was spoilery, Pearce drops a pretty big revelation when talking about what he’s most looking forward to in the film. He revealed some things that will happen with the Extremis virus.

I think the way Extremis works through people’s bodies. Often the visual effects guys would say, “At this moment, we’re going to see pulsing veins up your neck and we’re going to see that your eyes are going to sort of glow orange.” So, they had a few different ideas about how that was going to go and they were obviously very excited about pushing the envelope and doing things they haven’t done before.

Marvel has revealed several spoilery pieces of information about Iron Man 3. Either they’re holding some bigger details back or they’re just willing to talk more in detail since it’s an established franchise. I’m not exactly sure, but I doubt we’re hearing anything that will spoil the Iron Man 3 experience. You can read the rest of the interview with Pearce where he talks about director Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr., and more if you click right here. What do you think about what Pearce had to say? Do you think Marvel ran some big spoilers?

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