Guillermo Del Toro’s HULK Series Is Officially Dead

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Marvel, along with Universal Studios, has tried multiple times to create a film based on Bruce Banner and his alter-ego The Hulk. In 2003, we had Ang Lee’s Hulk, which took a much more dramatic approach to the character and, sadly, it failed to make back the money spent to make the film. Skip ahead to 2008 and we have Louis Letterrier’s The Incredible Hulk, which brought in Ed Norton to take on the lead role. The film used in interesting approach to the character, one in which they recognized the events of the 2003 film, but re-directed the character to include him in the newly formed cinematic universe at Marvel Studios. Despite the film being a much more appropriate version (at least to me), it once again failed to bring in the dollars at the box office. The next time we saw the character was in the mega-hit The Avengers, this time being played by Mark Ruffalo. The Hulk once again had life and a new look, using mo-cap cgi to create a much, much better version of the character. The Hulk ended up being one of the most popular characters coming out of the film, so it was no surprise that Marvel wanted to look at the character once more.

It was Guillermo Del Toro who approached the studio with an idea that would bring the green behemoth to the small screen once again. He actually approached the studio before Avengers hit theaters and proved to be such a success, so when the character come out of the film being so popular, Kevin Feige and company had to examine the proposed approach. The series, which Del Toro would be writing, was pushed to the back burner and has been stuck in development hell for some time now.

Sadly, we can now confirm that the Hulk project is well and truly dead. In an interview with Jeph Loeb, AICN asked about the various television series that Marvel has been working on in addition to Agents of SHIELDHere’s what he had to say about the possible series.

…Guillermo Del Toro came in and talked to us about doing a Hulk show and when Guillermo Del Toro comes and wants to do a show about your pinkie, you are going to want to do it. But it was just a case that once we saw what Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo were creating in ‘The Avengers, that was a better solution.

It’s pretty much what we’ve been hearing for some time now, but fans of the character will have to wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron to see him show up once more. Marvel has stated several times that they do have plans for Hulk, but no real time frame on when we can expect to see a solo film again. There have been rumors floating around for some time that Planet Hulk would be the next film, followed by the World War Hulk story. Naturally, Marvel denied that being the case. We’ll just have to hold tight and see what the studio has in store for the Jade Giant.


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Source : AICN