Guillermo Del Toro Discusses Heaven Sent, The Strain, Hulk & More



Next week, Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film Pacific Rim, will be smashing its way into theaters. There is still a massive question mark as to how it will perform at the box office, as it hasn’t been tracking as well as they’d like, but buzz on the film has been increasing. Once Del Toro has this one in the bag, the visionary director has a slew of projects to focus on, from numerous genres, including horror and comic books. Naturally, Del Toro is out doing so promoting for his robots vs. aliens flick and he sat down with the folks at MTV to discuss a few of those upcoming projects. The video of the interview can be seen below, but because folks outside the US can’t see MTV’s vids, I’ll do a bit of paraphrasing for you!

Most folks are curious about the status of the Justice League Dark or Heaven Sent or what ever he is calling it this month. Just as a re-cap, the last we heard on this film came out of WonderCon, where Del Toro stated that John Constantine would be the main focus, with Swamp Thing,  Etrigan and Deadman also making an appearance. During the interview with MTV, Del Toro stated that he is currently re-writing the story’s outline, prepping it for this mysterious writer that they are waiting for. He’s been talking this writer up for quite a while now, so let’s hope this person is worth the wait, eh? He was also asked if his Dark Universe would tie into the potential shared universe that was set up by Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie. He answered by essentially saying that should there be an event or opportunity to do so, he’d like the universe(s) to be as cohesive as the one that Marvel has set up.

Speaking of Marvel, you’ll remember that before Avengers hit theaters, Del Toro was attached to write and produce a television series centered on the Hulk, but the project found its way into development hell. When asked about that series, Del Toro essentially said that the studio stopped calling him once Avengers hit theaters and that it basically just went away. My guess on this one is that with how popular Mark Ruffalo’s wound up being, they’d rather have the character return on the big screen rather that in a television series to capitalize on that popularity.

The_Strain__s__Vampire_II_by_massivefocusIn the immediate future, Del Toro has the FX series The Strain to work on, starting in September. Pre-production work is already happening in Canada, with most of the cast already set up. Corey Stoll will take the lead, with the iconic John Hurt joining as Setrakian (they pushed production back to ensure they could sign him on, good move), as well as Kevin Durand and Mia Maestro. There are still two major roles to cast, one of which Del Toro promises will be a big surprise. Looking back on the story, I know we still need to see Zack, Eph Goodweather’s son and The Master cast.

Finally, Del Toro briefly talks about his work on his adaptation of Beauty & The Beast, which will have geek favorite Emma Watson filling the role of Beauty. The director says that they almost have their Beast locked down, but wouldn’t give too much detail other than that. He did say that we can expect to see a unique style for the Beast that will combine both digital and standard make-up. The designs for the character are currently under way.

Del Toro’s next big screen project will be Crimson Peak, which, as most Del Toro projects do, has a fantastic cast, including Pacific Rim’s Charlie Hunnam, the stand-out from Star Trek Into Darkness, Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as Jessica Chastain and Supernatural’s Jim Beaver. The film is said to be a classic haunted house tale, which Del Toro does best (admittedly, I’d rather see him work on that Haunted Mansion flick for Disney that he has promised). Once Crimson Peak is under his belt, Del Toro says he’ll turn his focus on to Heaven Sent/Justice League Dark. For those who can, be sure to check out the video below and be sure to support Del Toro and go see Pacific Rim when it hits theaters on July 12th!


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Source : MTV