SDCC ’12: GRIMM Press Junket!

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After a bit of fine tuning my San Diego Comic Con schedule for this year was set, and one of the big moments for me was being able to attend the GRIMM press junket after their panel. Although hectic I was able to sit at a table with stars Russell Hornsby (Hank), David Giuntoli (Nick i.e. the Grimm), and Reggie Lee (Sgt. Wu). Through a slew of questions and a five minute  time limit per actor I was able to pull off a few questions for each and have a lot of fun doing so.

Here’s a recap of what info I obtained about Season 2 of Grimm:

Russell Hornsby picture by Mark Patton

From Russel Hornsby we learned that they are four episodes into filming the much anticipated Season 2. He said that this season “Hank is unstable, and we take that into the second season where he doesn’t know what’s what” referring to seeing some of what Nick (Giuntoli) see’s during season 1, and “he seeks professional help, and he doesn’t quite know where he wants to go, whether he still wants to be a cop or not.”

From the side of whether or not Nick helps Hank he states that “it puts Nick in a very precarious position, and because Nick is holding onto his secret he looks at Hank and basically says sorry man you have to go on your own heroes journey.”

David Giuntoli making eyes at my camera man Mark Patton

Not only did we hear the same from David Giuntoli (Nick) but that “This upcoming season Nick definitely gets more action-y” He also stated that “Nick has a lot on his plate to deal with” and “his life is a wreck, Juliet’s in a coma, his long thought dead mother is alive, and his best friend may go insane.”

Reggie Lee photo by Mark Patton

From actor Reggie Lee (Sgt. Hu) that we may very well get some more of his back story, and that he actually tried out for Hank, but when Russell Hornsby received the role he was called up and had a character written in the show specifically tailored to him.

So as a wrap up we learned that Grimm may take a darker angle, and that everyone gets a storyline this year. We learn that Nick is coming more into being a Grimm and will indeed be a capable fighter, and that Hank has to go through a lot to come out on top. For more information watch Season two of Grimm on NBC this fall!

The unfortunate part was we didn’t get to speak to fan favorite Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe), but such is life. I’d like to thank all who came into play in allowing us to attend this press junket, and to the actors, writers, and producers of Grimm for writing such an amazing show.


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