Greg Rucka Takes Young Cyclops On A Cosmic Adventure With A Familiar Face From The Past


If you haven’t read All-New X-Men #23 today, you might want to come back to this article when you’re done. If you have, or you just don’t care about spoilers, then keep reading.

cyclopsSo at the end of today’s All-New X-Men, Cyclops found out that his father, Christopher Summers of the Starjammers, was alive. Christopher has been presumed dead since 2007’s The Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire. Now that Scott‘s dear old dad is alive, he’ll be going off on a cosmic road trip with the old man in a new ongoing series from Greg Rucka and artist Russell Dauterman.

CBR had the reveal of the new series that Rucka says will bring a little fun to Scott Summer‘s world. The writer says that fun is “something that we really want try to bring to the book.Scott and Christopher will go on a grand adventure as they try to reconnect (or connect for the first time in the case of 16-year old Cyclops). Rucka describes the premise of the new series:

There’s a line in the first issue where Chris has been talking to Hepzibah, and Hepzibah basically says, “Look, all he wants is time with his father.” Chris is like, “I’m not sure I know how to be his father.” Near the end of the issue, there’s a moment between Scott and Chris, and Chris says, “I’m pretty sure I suck as a dad.” Scott says, “That’s alright, I suck as a 16-year-old.” Chris says, “I’ll tell you a secret, Scott: We all suck as a 16-year-olds.”
This is a story about the two of them. At the heart of everything we’re going to do here, it’s about these two. When you think about that 16-year-old Scott, what he’s carrying into this is pretty obvious. “I’ve spent eight years as an orphan, I’ve moved from place to place, and some places have been awful. I got to a place that was a good place, relatively, I had a father figure in Xavier, and I had a purpose — and then all of that got disrupted. And then here comes my real dad, and he’s Han Solo!” So that’s awesome right there.
For Chris, who has had reconciliations with Scott and Alex, but had them late, this is a very different opportunity. This is a chance to be there when he was maybe needed most. There’s friction between them. There are valid questions that Scott has that Corsair has to answer. By the same token, this isn’t meant to be angsty, “Dad, you don’t understand me!” That’s not the adventure that they’re going on.

Rucka says that he is a big Cyclops fan and the possibility of writing a series drew him back to work-for-hire. There was a time last year when it seemed like the writer had sworn off all comic work but creator-owned, but he says that was never the case. He just needed time to work on some stories and find a project that would draw him back to one of the big publishers. The writer expressed his excitement for the new series that will spin out of Brian Michael BendisX-Men book while giving a brief outline of the first three issues of Cyclops:

The first three issues are done-in-ones. The first one is basically the decision that Scott and Corsair reach to go, “OK, hey, let’s go do this thing.” The second issue is them visiting galactic Manhattan, for lack of a better word, and interacting in a wonderful space city environment; them kind of feeling each other out, and getting to know each other a little better. Then in the third issue something happens that changes their relationship, and I don’t want to talk about what that is specifically. It’s not a “changes it for the worse,” it’s not necessarily “changes it for the better,” but something happens that puts them both in a situation where they can’t hide from each other behind all the other stuff that’s going on. Because there’s a lot of other stuff going on! If you’re at Mos Eisley, for lack of a better example, there’s stuff going on that you’re checking out. You’re not really going to have a chance to have a heart-to-heart. Issue #3 puts them in a position where they really don’t have a choice. They have to rely on each other in a very, very different way. Then that opens up into a larger multi-part [arc].
I don’t want to give too much away. The first three issues are all designed to be easy entry points to move them forward, and into a place where the grand adventure can begin.

You can read everything the writer had to say about the young leader of the X-Men by clicking the source link below. Cyclops getting his own series is surprising, but throw in a cosmic adventure with the Starjammers and things get a little more interesting. Add Greg Rucka writing it and you pretty much have to pay attention. The first issue will hit this May. Will you be checking out Cyclops and his father’s journey through space?

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