Greg Capullo Talks Batman And Avengers vs. X-Men


Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder show how great they work together every month with Batman. We’ve seen the Bat battle the Court of Owls and coming up is the Joker’s return where he will wreak havoc on all the Bat family later this year. With the monumental success of Batman, and high praise for both Snyder and Capullo, it is no surprise that the book is getting attention from comic readers and even people who don’t usually pick up a comic. Capullo talked with the Chicago Sun-Times about all things Batman.

Capullo’s time on Batman almost didn’t happen surprisingly. Another high profile event book was offered to him by Marvel.

Marvel was interested in me working on The Avengers vs. X-Men and DC offered me Batman. It was a bit of a struggle deciding which one as both are grand projects. In the end, the little kid in me won the tug of war.

As a child Capullo said he drew Batman, recreating the opening to the Adam West Batman Show. He put Robin’s “R” backwards, but his love of Batman stuck with him and eventually paid off.

While many artist draws Batman as a bodybuilder type, Capullo took a different approach. He was reluctant to change or alter too much, but he does draw his Batman slightly different:

My Batman doesn’t look like he’s wearing a suit made of spraypaint. My Batman is monolithic. When he is standing still, he looks like a wall. Just because you are big doesn’t mean you’re slow and clumsy, though. He’s like Mike Tyson with a thicker neck.

The artist’s time on Batman has been nothing short of amazing, and issue #5 is a great example of that. Capullo did something out of the ordinary- he had the panels rotate 90 degrees at times. When Batman was trapped in a maze by the Court of Owls and found his world turned upside down, so did the reader. This revolutionary panel layout almost didn’t happen though; Capullo and Snyder had to fight for it:

I was trying to figure out how to visually show that Batman’s world is turned upside down. Some have called it a gimmick, but I’m not a gimmick guy. I saw this as another way to express the story to the reader so that you could really, really feel what he was feeling. I pushed hard for it. I told them the smart people in the room will get it

Snyder and Capullo’s Batman book is arguably the crown jewel of the DC 52 reboot. Capullo’s art is just as amazing as the story arcs Snyder comes up with. If the new Batman movie needs a new writer, WB should honestly consider having Snyder involved in some aspect. Greg Capullo is a beast of a man, so maybe he can even play Batman (I kid, but he could). What do you think about Batman’s current run? Are you glad Capullo is on Batman, or are you thinking what might have been with AvX?

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Source : Chicago Sun-Times