Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns, and Grant Gustin On Bringing THE FLASH To TV


Arrow-Season-2-the-FlashIt’s the day that every Flash fan, my self included has waited for. Barry Allen returns to the small screen in tonight’s episode of Arrow. The episode, titled The Scientist, will bring CSI investigator Allen to Starling City to help out on a case going on in the city. Not only will he be helping out on the crime in the city, but he will be geeking out of The Arrow as well.

Not lost in all the excitement is the fact that The Flash will be getting his own TV series. The show was set up for a backdoor pilot in Arrow’s second season, episode 20 to be exact. However, The CW was so impressed with the shows that featured Barry in them that they have decided to give the show a stand alone pilot. This will shake up the way they do things by being able to introduce things like the costume earlier. “We were holding back the costume element because we knew if we had episode 20 [of Arrow] as its own standalone episode, we’d have to find a real reason for people, in addition to the quality of the show, to come back in episode one of The Flash,” explained Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. “When you make a backdoor pilot like that, you kind of have to remake the pilot [for the show’s first episode]. For notes on how difficult this is, ask [The Vampire Diaries / The Originals executive producer] Julie Plec. And so you have to remake the pilot, so we thought the suit would be the perfect way to introduce that in the time span between episode 20 and [episode] one. Now that it’s become a pilot, one of the great things about it is we get to add a suit. So that will appear in the pilot episode now.”

The ScientistWorking with Berlanti is Andrew Kreisberg and Goeff Johns, who are currently working on the Pilot for the show. Johns, in I’m sure reassuring fashion to fans, says that they are taking a lot of the mythology, a lot of characters from the comics. Saying, “I don’t want to get too specific yet, but you’ll see a lot of characters and a lot of elements form that. It’s very much The Flash.” Kreisberg spoke to more of how Arrow will shape Barry. “We’re obviously still working out the pilot details now, but I think that Barry’s love of the hero is going to play a part in the creation of his persona,” he explained.

What about the man him self Grant Gustin, who has been tasked with the challenge of bringing Barry Allen to life? Gustin has said that he hasn’t seen the 90′s Flash TV show that stared John Wesley Shipp. He did however note that there are some similarities between the two men. Where they’re from and their close birthdays just to name a few. But he isn’t letting the previous show effect how he prepares. “I’ve actually never seen anyone else portray The Flash, which actually was something I thought was really fun about this once they got excited about me, because I’m a superhero fan,” he said.

Fans are buzzing with anticipation for tonight, and what it will lead to in the future. As most know there are multiple characters who have been The Flash over the years, but according to Johns, Barry was the only choice for the new TV series. While I agree with him, part of me can’t help but hope that we get to see the likes of Wally or Jay sometime in the show. One thing is for sure though The Flash is coming and fans should be excited. For the latest on all things Flash, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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Source : IGN