Great Scott! Has DC’s Newly Gay Character Been Revealed?


DC caused a bit of a stir recently at Kapow when they announced they would reintroduce an iconic character and change their sexual orientation.  Today it seems who they changed has been revealed. BleedingCool, usually very on the nose with comic predictions and news, said that it would be Green Lantern Alan Scott of Earth 2. They ran it as a rumor due to the source, but at Phoenix Comic Con they heard from a “much stronger” source that it is indeed Alan Scott who popped up at the end of Earth 2 #1. They’re calling it now, and are saying to place your order for Earth 2 #2 where it will be revealed.

The original Green Lantern received his powers from a green flame and not an alien ring like Hal Jordan. He had a weakness to wood as well,  don’t even think about making a joke about it! This may make some fans breathe easier considering Earth 2 has no direct bearing on DC’s 52 and it’s not one of the members of the big three (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman) which some feared. We only got a brief look at Scott in Earth 2, but the next issue should see him taking a bigger role considering the news that’s been coming out about it.

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Source : Bleeding Cool