Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman Story Gets A Name Change: Plus He Blows Your Mind Regarding The Killing Joke


morrison bannerGrant Morrison recently appeared on Kevin Smith‘s Fatman on Batman podcast where the superstar comic book writer dropped a few interesting nuggets of info. One relates to his Wonder Woman: Earth One story and the other has to do with his interpretation of Alan Moore‘s Batman story, The Killing Joke.

Morrison is writing the third graphic novel in DC‘s Earth One line-up when his Wonder Woman story finally sees print. The writer said there wasn’t a specific date for the release just yet, but artist Yanick Paquette had completed 20 of the 120-page story. The story has only been referred to as Wonder Woman: Earth One (like the previous Superman and Batman stories), but Morrison told Smith that the title is now Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince. The writer talked about the decision to add a subtitle (via CBR):

I think Wonder Woman’s always on trial. Beyond that, women are always on trial. It’s always — ‘What do women want?’ It’s constant pointing the finger. ‘What do you want? Explain this!

Morrison will use the title as a way of literalizing the questions he’s raising with his retelling of the character’s origins. The writer wouldn’t reveal too much in the way of plot, but he did say that Steve Trevor has a large role. Diana will run away to the “half-Man’s World, half-Woman’s World” in which Trevor lives. Wonder Woman will have “dozens of costumes” and the origin story relating to her being formed from clay will be scrapped. Morrison said Wonder Woman‘s origins are just a bit too “creepy” and made the character “too remote” compared to others.

Later on in the podcast, Morrison started talking about influential Batman stories. Host Kevin Smith threw out a few titles, but Morrison picked up on one story in particular- The Killing Joke, Alan Moore‘s seminal 1988 one-shot. Morrison sees it as the final Batman story and gives his interpretation of the comic’s final scene. I’ll just let you listen to the writer’s own words. Slight language warning: Kevin Smith drops an “F” bomb after hearing Morrison‘s thoughts and being completely amazed. The video also includes the final pages of the comic. You can find the full podcast by clicking here. What do you think about Morrison‘s interpretation of the classic Batman story?


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Source : Fatman on Batman via CBR