Grant Gustin Teases The Flash’s Costume And His Time Travel Ideas


flashDepending on how well he is received on Arrow, Grant Gustin may be playing Barry Allen on a TV show of his own. The Glee! actor was recently announced as The CW‘s pick for The Flash and will appear in three episodes of Arrow‘s upcoming season. The third episode he will be seen in will serve as a backdoor pilot, hopefully spinning off a Flash solo series. Gustin is getting ready to film his first episode soon, but he spoke with E! Online (via SuperHeroMovieNews) while on the red carpet at a pre-Emmys party. The actor teased what costume we’ll see the Flash wear as well as a few things he would like to see done with the character after doing a little comic book research.

Gustin stated that he is doing a little running in preparation for his role, but he’s mainly excited to get on set and start filming. He says he’s “a little fanboy” and is “excited to be part of the show.” The actor says he got the call he had landed the role after an incredibly long audition process. The first two episodes will see us introduced to Barry Allen with the third episode showing Barry getting his powers. Gustin talks a little about what he knows so far and what he thinks the costume will look like:

I know I’m coming on as up-and-coming in my field [forensic science]. He’s not going to be The Flash immediately, obviously. We’re going to be Barry Allen first in two episodes and then he’ll come back later as The Flash. I haven’t actually read any scripts yet, so we’ll see.

I would imagine when The Flash comes he’ll be in a pretty traditional Flash costume. That’s kind of what I’ve caught wind of.

flashFlash fans should be happy to hear that the costume will probably be the traditional red and gold spandex costume they know and love from the comics. There have been some liberties taken with Green Arrow‘s costume, but hopefully we see a more faithful Flash costume. If all goes well and Gustin gets his own show, he has some ideas he would like to explore. After diving back into his own comic book collection, Gustin said he likes the time travel aspects of some Flash stories:

I didn’t realize before I started doing all my research that he can actually time travel, he can run so fast. I think that’d be a really fun thing to play with on the show is him kind of going to different times and experimenting with that. That’d be fun.

It sounds like Mr. Gustin would be a fan of our own Jake Lester‘s idea for a Flash show. You may remember Jake wrote an editorial on how a Flash series could use a Quantum Leap-like time travel approach with the Cosmic Treadmill to explore Flash‘s rich history and rogues gallery. You can read that here if you missed it the first time. Gustin is an odd choice for the role, but he says he’s been a longtime fan of the character. It’s always great to hear an actor is a fan of the comic book character they’re playing. That usually means they will take it seriously and give their all. It will be interesting to see how they Arrow-ize The Flash and introduce him into the series. What do you think about Gustin‘s comments? Do you like his time travel ideas?

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Source : E! Online via Superheromovienews