GOTHAM Showrunners Tease JOKER And MR. FREEZE; Donal Logue Talks Bullock


gothamThe pilot episode of Fox‘s pre-Batman Batman series, Gotham, has been screened a few times the last couple of weeks and the buzz is pretty positive. Fans and critics alike are pleased with what they’ve seen, and the wait for the premiere this fall has gotten harder with each new Tweet. The good thing about these screenings is that the cast and crew take part in big interviews afterwards. Some interesting information from showrunner Bruno Heller and director Danny Cannon have popped up revealing how the show will introduce top-tier villains like The Joker and even Mr. Freeze. On the other side of the coin, Harvey Bullock actor Donal Logue talked a little bit about his research and what comics he used before filming the pilot.

Talking with about their approach to the pilot, Heller and Cannon dove right into the deep end and discussed how they’re going about introducing some of Batman‘s most notorious foes. We know the likes of Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin and Poison Ivy will pop up in the first episode, but a lot more will soon follow. Heller says that they’re not shying away from the source material when it comes to introducing gritty and grounded takes on old favorites. He said, “The beauty of these characters is that everyone knows and loves them. It would be foolish not to embrace both the comic book aspect of it and the psychologically dark aspect of it, the funny aspect of it.” When you think of comic book aspects, psychologically dark aspects, and humor, you immediately thinjokerk of The Joker. The duo have said the Clown Prince of Crime will pop up sooner or later, but they told the site how they’re approaching the big introduction:

Bruno: I would say he [The Joker] is, for everyone involved to a degree because it’s about the villains, he’s the crown jewel in the villains’ crown. So we’re going to be very careful and thoughtful about how we roll that character out.
Danny: We have the luxury in nobody’s ever really delved way back. The amount of thought and time we’ve been allowed to give that is terrific because when we finally do reveal the “real” joker, and that’s a tip, it will be very thought out and worth the wait.
It is daunting but the way to take it on is not to go, “Here it is” but “Here it might be. Wait, it’s not that. It’s something else. Wait, it’s not even that.” I think that is the greatest tribute to the Joker, the fact that you may think it’s one thing, it ends up being something else because that guy, I think should never be able to be figured out.

One thing fans feared was that the show would try to present a definitive origin for Joker. The clown has had many origin stories, but none have really stuck. It seems that’s the approach Gotham will use. We could see a failed comedian, a mob enforcer, and a leader of a gang that wears red hoods, but it sounds like we’ll never know who is really behind the make-up.

freezeSpeaking of villain introductions, Cannon was asked if there were any of Batman‘s rogues he would like to give an episode or two. The director immediately brought up Mr. Freeze. He is easily Batman‘s coolest villain, so it makes sense they would want to use him on the show. Cannon mentioned that he has even pitched the idea to Heller:

I have a big pitch for Bruno of doing Mr. Freeze, the origin story of Mr. Freeze. I’m very excited about that one.
[When asked if there has ever been a ‘legitimate,’ grounded origin for Freeze] No. So, we’re wide open on that one. The support from DC has been wonderful. Geoff Johns has been a really great person to work with because he knows everything, but he also empowers everybody to go, “Hey man, that’s wide open. Go, go, go.” He really empowers us.

While the showrunners offered some good insights, Donal Logue confirmed something we all expected in an interview today with CBR. The man who will bring Harvey Bullock to life mentioned that he paid special attention to the Gotham Central comics while working on his version of Bullock. When asked about his research going into the series and whether it involved comics or just the scripts he was given, the actor said:

Both, but there’s a lot of [comics] — there’s “Gotham Central,” there’s just a lot of interesting literature where Bullock is a good guy. Bullock is also kind of a dirty [character] — he saves the day, but he makes some mistakes. I think that’s kind of what we’re going to see over the course of this long form when we get into “Gotham.”

GOTHAM-Harvey-Bullock__140320162617Logue went on to say that we’ll see Gotham follow the characters home, meaning we may see Bullock‘s love of classic film sometime during the series. That’s one of the thing the actor loves about the series, but he expanded on what he’s really excited about while talking about the characters and the fantastic actors that will breathe life into them:

What I love the most about “Gotham” is that I have a sense of what they’re doing, but I kind of see it when I’m doing my little piece of it. So to sit back and watch it all revealed is eye-opening to me, and to see what other people are doing, who I’m not doing the scenes with, to see how they’re taking their parts and running with it. I’m very excited, because “Gotham,” more than almost any other show I’ve been in, I think, has the possibilities of all these unopened doors we have yet to explore, or to see what Sean’s [Pertwee] going to do with Alfred or all these other great actors. Robin Ward Taylor — I’m a huge fan. I can’t wait to see when the new bad guys and the new villains are starting to go — I want to see where Cory [Michael Smith] goes with E. Nygma. So I’m excited!

Logue talks about Robin Lord Taylor in each and every interview, so it sounds like we’re in for a real treat when it comes to young Oswald Cobblepot. We’ll just have to wait a few months and see what all of the fuss is about. What do you think about the showrunner, the director, and Logue‘s comments? Are you interested to see how the world of Gotham is created before Batman hits the scene?

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