GOTHAM Searching For A Young Bruce Wayne: Character To Be A Series Regular


wayne bannerFox‘s Gotham series already has a large and impressive cast, but they’re still looking for the show’s biggest character- Bruce Wayne. The young boy who loses his parents in Crime Alley truly sets everything related to Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and everything else in Gotham into motion. As we all know, Gotham is Bruce Wayne‘s city in more ways than one. While the lead for Fox‘s show will be Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), it seems like Bruce will have an even larger role than we originally thought.

A new casting spec has been sent out for young actors interested in trying out for the big role. It appears the age they’re going for is eleven. There were early talks that it could be anywhere from nine to twelve, but now they’ve settled on an age. As you can read below, the character is described as “dark haired, handsome, soulful, wise, and strong willed. A kid with tragic gravitas.” That’s a lot for a child actor to pull off, so good luck to whoever ends up landing the role. The most interesting aspect of that script is that it says Bruce will be a series regular. We knew he would be in the pilot and pop up occasionally, but the series regular bit is a surprise. Sounds like we could be seeing more of Bruce‘s journey to become Batman than we led to believe. What do you think about the Bruce news?


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