GODZILLA Roundup: New Pics, Footage Screened And Director Gareth Edwards Breaks Down The Trailer


GodzillabannerishAfter the week that was dominated by Godzilla, it’s hard to believe much else could happen. I mean we’ve had magazine covers, posters and even a trailer for everyone’s favorite giant monster. So there couldn’t possibly be any more new stuff that Warner Brother and Legendary could show off, right? Wrong. As a matter of fact there is so much other stuff that has been released that we have tied it all up in a nice little roundup for you.

Let’s get started! Our first big of new things comes in the form of new pictures for the movie. While unfortunately there are not shots of Godzilla in all his glory, we do get one of him covered in smoke, there are some cool shots of the cast and crew, but probably the most interesting photo is the size chart that shows how big Godzilla has been over the years. These images were featured in the latest edition of empire. Check them out below.

Next, a few lucky individuals got a chance to screen some footage of the film. There were a few news outlets in attendance, and an overwhelming majority of them had nothing but great things to say about the footage shown. If that wasn’t enough fro them director Gareth Edwards showed up and answered some questions about the film. Here are the highlights thanks to IGN:

Godzillapic-Edwards liked the fact that the 1954 was a serious take on the monster movie, and that’s what he wants to replicate.

-The central story is about man vs nature – if you mess with nature, you’re going to lose.

-It’s also about a family that’s torn apart by an apparent natural disaster that took place in Japan 15 years ago.

-Gareth hadn’t seen Breaking Bad, but wanted to work with Bryan Cranston because of his work in Malcolm in the Middle and an episode of Airwolf.

-Godzilla himself is 350 feat high, making him the biggest Godzilla yet seen onscreen.

-That size was chosen so that the monster would be tall enough to be seen from wherever you are in a city, and small enough that he can still be obscured.

Speaking of Edwards, while he was in London he swung by the Empire Magazine offices. Maybe he was saying thank you for featuring his movie on their cover, or maybe he was just there to say hi. Well, it was neither. Edwards stopped in and gave an audio commentary to the amazing new trailer that was released earlier this week. Check that out below, and make sure to catch Godzilla in theaters on May 16th later this year.

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