Gina Torres Not Against The Idea Of Playing Wonder Woman


03-29-33_gina-torres_originalIn recent years, we’ve seen an influx of feamle characters who are no longer the damsel in distress and are more powerful and strong than ever before. It’s not unusual to see these characters leading their own films and stories and, as a film fan, it couldn’t make me more happy to see these changes come about. This trend is transitioning, albeit slowly, into the world of comic book movies, with Joss Whedon leading the charge by adding characters like Black Widow and now Scarlet Witch to the cast of his Avengers films; not to mention his past projects like Dollhouse, Buffy and of course Firefly. Gina Torres, who starred in the Firefly series, along with its feature film companion Serenty, is now playing a powerful character in the hit series Suits. The actress recently chatted with Vulture about the progression of women in film and TV and of course, Wonder Woman came up, as it should in a discussion like that.

There has been a small faction of fans who have supported the idea of Torres playing the iconic role of Wonder Woman in a live-action film, an idea that has been tossed around and rumored for years now. Even Joss Whedon got in on the action by submitting a script, but it got passed on. Torres, who is obviously a supporter of strong female characters is quite flattered by her fans’s support and wouldn’t hate the idea of playing Diana if the opportunity came up.

You know, she is a superhero that has been a part of my life since I can remember, and it is incredibly gratifying and heartwarming and wonderful that this campaign continues to have a life — even though it might be maybe three or four people that are keeping it alive. [Big laugh.] I love them! I don’t know how realistic it is. Of course I would love to do that. Who wouldn’t in their right mind? And why not? Well, there are all kinds of reasons why not. But yes, it is a fantasy. And it’s a hoot. It’s a hoot that every now and then, all these years go by, and people are still thinking that I could do that; I could make that wonderful and they will come and see it. I can’t even tell you how that feels.

Torres is a great actress and has had various roles on television and in film, so her range and skills are there, but there are a few…obstacles that some will like see that would keep her from landing the role. First off, she’s in her mid-forties now. The general direction of comic book characters these days is younger, more fresh faces. Not to say should couldn’t handle the role, but you’d quickly run into the problem that Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr are running into currently. Their bodies can only handle so much. Second, and likely even more obvious, is Torres’s ethnicity. Now, I’m not opposed to seeing some characters being altered and changed to meet our modern times and standards, but I think with a character like Wonder Woman you need to stick with the way she is written. The same could be said for Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, etc. Laurence Fishburne, who happens to be the husband of Torres, was the center of this same controversy when he was cast as Perry White in Man of Steel. Come to find out, he did a great job in the role and I look forward to seeing what he does in future films.

Like I said, I have no doubt that Torres could fill the role just fine, but do you want to change up such an iconic character that much? My biggest issue here is her age; I think I’d rather see someone young tackle the role. Needless to say, this is an interesting topic of conversation. What say you fans, would you want to see Gina Torres take on Wonder Woman should she ever appear in film? Or is that deviating too far?

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