Gerry Duggan To Take Over Writing Duties For NOVA


nova bannerGerry Duggan will be taking over writing duties from Zeb Wells for Nova this November. The announcement was made when Marvel posted an interview with the Deadpool writer about his new gig.

It was revealed that Duggan‘s debut issue will be Nova #100, which is actually the tenth issue of the current volume. The number change is to commemorate 100 total issues across every Nova series. Wells and Carlo Barberi will tackled the lead story with Duggan and Paco Medina handling the back-ups. Duggan spoke with Marvel about landing the job and what he has in store for Sam Alexander.

novaDuggan‘s new assignment came about in part to a conversation he had with editor Steve Wacker about some of their common interests:

I had talked to [NOVA editor Steve] Wacker a little bit in the past year. I saw him last year at New York and we got the chance to shake hands and he and I had Golden Apple in common. Many years ago, in both of our pasts, we were both the back issue guy at that shop in Los Angeles at different times. I really admire and enjoy the books in that office. I’d be picking them up whether I was at Marvel or not. He thought of me as someone who could come onto NOVA after Zeb Wells’ 5 issue story wrapped up. I was thrilled he did. I stopped what I was doing—don’t tell Jordan this—I put down the work I was doing on DEADPOOL and immediately started working on a document to show Wacker and Ellie [Pyle] and they really enjoyed it. They said it was great. They gave me pretty simple guidelines about what they were looking for. It was high adventure starring a young kid in the old Marvel style. I think people can expect to see a lot of big fun in outer space and we’re going to give him a lot of real world problems. I’ll be continuing some of those themes that [Jeph] Loeb and Zeb began.

The writer talks about some of the things he has in store for his first arc later this year:

First issue and first arc, you’re going to see some big adventure in space and then a little bit of a mystery. We won’t be rebooting the Nova Corps, but Sam will be learning about the Corps through old Nova helmets that he’ll be recovering. He’ll be learning about how the wearer was killed. It’s not quite a black box, but he’ll gleam new ways to use his powers and how to really get a head’s up on some threats. That’ll be a fun little “Indiana Jones” type adventure for him to check out. In that, we’re going to experience a lot of the corners of the cosmic Marvel Universe. I’m not sure if this all approved so I’ll put it like this: Look for some big and fun guest stars. If you like big and scary looking heroes that look like horses, you might be thrilled at one of the guest stars in the first arc.

I think one of the first times you see Sam, he’s in orbit with a ball bat whacking at space junk. He’s stationary and all the trash is moving at 17,000 miles an hour. Those are the sorts of things where I try to remember what kind of kid I was. I broke some windows. Sam will break some windows too, but when he breaks a window it’s usually of some sort of galactic importance.

I hope that, regarding NOVA specifically, if you like new adventures in the old Marvel style where a kid is going to be having to juggle real life problems with huge cosmic consequences, that this is the book for you. I’m trying to make it as fun as I hope DEADPOOL is, obviously with a much different tone. But fun is fun. I really do try to put my heart into everything that has my name on it and so if you’re one of the folks that are enjoying DEADPOOL every month, there’s no reason to think that you wouldn’t also enjoy NOVA.

Duggan had a lot more to say about Nova and juggling his Deadpool duties. You can read the entire interview at Marvel by clicking here. Duggan is doing some killer work on Deadpool, and if he can capture even half the fun of that series with Nova, then readers are in for a real treat. Nova has been an interesting series so far, but the writer changes have kept some people from adding it to their pull lists. I see Duggan staying on for a good long while, so this November is definitely the time to check in with another part of Marvel‘s cosmic universe if you haven’t already. What do you think about Duggan taking over Nova?


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