George A. Romero’s Zombie Comic For Marvel Is A Lot Bigger Than We Originally Thought


romero 2Toward the end of October last year it was announced that the legendary George A. Romero would be working on a zombie comic for Marvel. You can see the original announcement’s teaser image below. The horror icon said that his project wouldn’t involve any of Marvel‘s on-going characters or superheroes, but it would have lots of zombies. Since the original announcement though we haven’t heard anything about the series. The Daily Dead recently chatted with Romero and asked him about the status of the series. It got pushed back a few months, it seems unlikely but it could still possibly come out this year.

Romero was asked what type of zombies we’ll see in his new comic book project. Romero‘s world features evolving zombies that have changed and grown over the years. The question was raised if humans and zombies could ever co-exist in the Romeroverse:

Max Brooks and I do these panel discussions together and he believes that humans don’t stand a chance. I don’t know… I’m writing a comic book series right now for Marvel. I can’t really say anything about the story, but I’ll just say that the zombies are advancing even a little further.

The writer went on to state that the series was supposed to come out this October, but he thinks Marvel pushed it back to keep it from shipping over the Christmas season. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be as small or limited a series as we thought either. The writer revealed that he had written roughly 15 issues (equivalent to two and a half screenplays) and that he may even novelize it. Most Marvel limited series go from 4-7 issues, but if Romero is working on 15 then that indicates the publisher is very pleased with the work and are supporting what the writer is doing. It will be interesting to see if Romero writes even more story than he has now during the wait. I don’t think there could be anything better than a George A. Romero ongoing zombie series for Marvel. What do you think about Romero‘s latest comic book tease?



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Source : The Daily Dead via Bleeding Cool