Geoff Johns Teases The Future Of DC’s Movie And TV Projects


johnsDC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently spoke with Collider about what the future holds for DC on not only the comics front, but movies and television as well. In the lengthy interview with DC‘s top dog, we learn a few things about some projects that are currently in development as well as the status of some projects we haven’t heard a lot about in a while. Johns flat out refuses to answer some questions, but what he does say sheds some light on what DC has in store for fans at this year’s Comic Con.

You can watch the full video below, but a few parts of the conversation deserve to be highlighted. Johns was asked whether a character possibly being in an upcoming movie would affect their chances of having a cameo in a TV show like Arrow, or even getting their own show (like the recently passed on Wonder Woman show). Johns said the TV world and the movie world can live in harmony with no real problems:

One of the things that I thought really worked was that you have Smallville on television and Superman Returns come out in the theater, and it was fine. Nobody freaked out, nobody thought they were competing. These characters are strong enough to live in video games, animation, television, film, and so Arrow, you will see a lot of characters coming in there, you might some see more DC TV shows. Obviously that’s what everybody wants. It’s exciting, I wish we could talk more about plans, but let’s talk about it Comic-Con.

Most all of the other questions that weren’t related to comics got a “you’ll know at Comic Con” or a “Can’t talk about that” from Johns. One thing he was a little more concrete on was the fact DC could possibly use some failed movie scripts and turn them into animated films.

Finally, Johns made it sound like we can expect some movie news after Man of Steel is released and especially at this year’s Comic Con. He did state that there “are plans” for Green Lantern after that disaster of a movie. When asked about Gina Carano, who has been rumored as playing Wonder Woman ever since her and Henry Cavill started dating, Johns said”Let’s move on.” You could tell he wasn’t pleased. The lady in charge of the interview told Collider to keep it related to the comic books. Also, no real news on it but Johns said the long gestating Booster Gold show isn’t dead. What do you think about all the news and half-answers? What do you hope DC announces at Comic Con?

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Source : Collider