Geoff Johns Says an Animated Aquaman Movie is Coming


aquaman1new52Poor Aquaman. For years now, the underwater royal has been the butt of many jokes and quite possibly, the laughing stock of the DC Comics universe. Whether it be his costume or his “silly” powers, Aquaman has taken his fair share of abuse. However, in recent years, since DC completely rebooted their comics, Aquaman has quickly become one of the more popular characters, and dare I say it…quite the badass. Regardless, it’s still a surprise to hear that DC’s direct-to-DVD department seems to be looking at bringing Aquaman to your home. According to Geoff Johns, the character is being explored as the potential subject of a solo film. The news comes from the Twitterverse, (via ScienceFiction), where a fan was basically begging for an Aquaman flick and Johns answered with an emphatic yes! Check out the tweet below.

So, why is this such big news? First off, after the Wonder Woman and Green Lantern movies failed to get a lot of attention, it was said that they were going to just focus on Superman and Batman, both of which continue to be a big draw in the animated world. Of course, the Justice League is also a big money maker, so as long as the film includes one or more of these, they are good to go. The other question is: Why Aquaman? It could be that with the potential Justice League feature film on the horizon, it may be a way for them to judge how people will accept him. The Flashpoint Paradox has pusshed the Scarlet Speedster to the forefront and fans have been eating up, is it possible the same could happen with Aquaman? Time will tell.

Personally, I think DC would be making a big mistake if they didn’t get the lesser known characters out into the general public. If they expect to have more profitable films, they need to explore other options besides Superman and Batman. much like Marvel has done. Not uch else is known about the potential film, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date once more news hits.





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