GAME OF THRONES Director Talks Lady Stoneheart


lena-headey-stoneheartThe following article discusses events that have taken place in season four of HBO’s Game of Thrones as well as the books that the hit television series is based on. There are major spoilers involved herein. You’ve been warned!

If your favorite character is still alive on Game of Thrones, congratulations are in order! Last night’s season finale featured numerous deaths; some expected, some not. The number of characters that started the series is quickly dwindling and it is very apparent that all bets are off when it comes to survival. The past two seasons have been particularly brutal, with the two weddings, the death of a viper, a hound and a whole bunch of crows. But, for some fans, there was one thing missing from last night’s season four finale. Those who have read the books have been expecting the arrival of the deadly character known as Lady Stoneheart, who many will recognize as a revived Catelyn Stark, who is out for revenge for the events that occurred at the Red Wedding. However, this character was no where to be found. This came as a surprise to many. Especially after Lena Headey dropped a hint via her Instagram account; just as she did prior to the revealing of Oberyn‘s fatal battle.

So what happened? Where is this deadly character? In a recent chat with the season four final director Alex Graves, the story arc never really came up and was never really considered for the most recent season. OUTRAGE! Here’s how the conversation went down, check it out.

Vulture: Lena Headey led us to believe that we’d be seeing Lady Stoneheart at the end of this season.
Graves: Oh, really?
Vulture: Yeah, she Instagrammed a picture of a heart made of stones. How did the decision not to include her (yet?) get made?
Graves: Well, she was never going to be a part of it. I know it caught on on the internet, and people really started to believe it. I think the bottom line is that there was so much going on, at least from where I stood, that it wasn’t something to get into because, you know, when you get into taking Michelle Fairley, one of the greatest actresses around, and making her a zombie who doesn’t speak and goes around killing people, what’s the best way to integrate that into the show? I don’t think there was room for it this season. I don’t know what they’re going to do about it, because it is certainly something people attached to. I was attached to it because I established Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion last year in the story to rejuvenate her. I have no idea what they plan to do about that because honestly, it just wasn’t talked about. It wasn’t on the radar.
tumblr_mvn6tubGc41sh566ao1_1280Vulture: It never came up?
Graves: It didn’t come up in season four. I asked it last year in season three, when I was doing the Beric scenes. They said, “Oh, yeah, you know, that’s a whole thing that we’re just not sure what we’re going to do about.” That was the conversation.
Vulture: You’ve read the books, right? I haven’t, but according to friends and colleagues who have, Lady Stoneheart does become important later on. Can you see how they might work her in later?
Graves: From what I know of the books, it’s like, Okay, what’s she really there for? Because I think she goes around — and it’s vague to me because I haven’t had to direct it, so I haven’t looked at this in detail — but essentially she’s a reaction to the Red Wedding. Part of the reason I think people got so wound up with her coming back, I think, was because of the emotional toll of the Red Wedding, which I totally get. Like, Bring her back and have her kill some people! Joffrey’s death was meant to play to that need a little bit. And also Tywin’s.

Well, that’s certainly interesting. Have they replaced Lady Stoneheart with the death of Joffery and his grandfather Tywin? Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it almost seems like they currently have no plans to include the character at all. I really hope that I’m wrong, as she plays such an integral part in the retribution of the entire Stark family. I get that they don’t want to take an incredible actress and essentially tape her mouth shut, but being that she is such a great actress, I’d like to think that Michelle Fairly would make the best of it and turn in a great performance.

Hopefully Graves is just playing coy and the character will show up next season to wreak havoc on the seven kingdoms. After all, the one thing that Game of Thrones needs more of is death. Am I right? What are your thoughts on this? Has Stoneheart been brushed aside and forgotten or will she show up in the (hopefully) near future? Sound off below.

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Source : Vulture