Game Of Thrones Game: Slap The Stuffing Out Of King Joffrey


game of thronesA recent poll asking who is the worst villain in Game of Thrones resulted in King Joffrey winning with over 40% of the vote. People hate the child king even more than Walder Frey (the worst wedding planner in the world). Part of the Game of Thrones experience is talking about how much you hate certain characters. As the poll proved, everyone hates Joffrey.

I think we have all fantasized about ways for the tyrannical king to meet his maker. Arya using Joffrey as a human pin cushion seems to be a fan-favorite method. There could be a sequel to the Red Wedding when the king marries Margaery, Tyrion could slap the…snot out of him over and over, and many other creative deaths have been discussed among fans. My personal preference is that Tyrion partners with Daenerys, borrows one of the dragons, rides it to King’s Landing, and takes out all the Lannisters leaving Joffrey for last. If you read the books you know that probably won’t happen, but a guy can dream. I basically want Dinklage to ride a dragon is what I’m trying to get across. That’s all. Well no matter how you hope Joffrey goes out, you can get a little wish fulfillment thanks to a new game from RoundGames.Com called Slapping Joffrey. You can click the pic below to try the game for yourself. What do you think? Do you like getting to slap the king around?


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Source : RoundGames.Com