Canada’s Newest Superheroes Are Back In True Patriot 2


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Last year I interviewed J. Torres, comic book writer and one of the creative geniuses behind True Patriot – a new collection of Canadian superheroes, created by some of the top artists and writers Canada has to offer.

Well, this year they’re back at it again. After the huge success of their first book, the True Patriot team launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund True Patriot 2, and reached their goal of $20,000 almost a week before their deadline. J. Torres has taken time from his busy creative schedule to chat with CBT once again. 

But before we get to the questions, give yourself the gift of some fun Canadian superheroes. Even though they reached their funding goal, there are still some great perks you can get your hands on before the campaign comes to a close Sunday, December 1. Check out their Kickstarter campaign after you’re done reading the following interview.  

Chris: First off, congratulations on the success of the first instalment of True Patriot, and thanks for taking the time to chat with us today.

J. Torres: My pleasure. I appreciate your support and CBT’s support of True Patriot.

Chris: Give our readers a run down on what to expect from True Patriot 2. Will it be a continuation of the stories we read in the first edition or all-new tales?

J.Torres: All-new tales, yes. Featuring heroes you met in the first True Patriot. Mostly stand-alone stories but even the continuing ones, you can read on their own without prior knowledge. It’ll be new reader friendly!

Chris: Have you found most of the backers (and fans) of True Patriot have been Canadian, or is there a good contingent of fans outside of Canada too?

J.Torres: Yes, probably 90% Canadian, which makes sense. But our American fans include  creators like Chris Samnee, Kurt Busiek, Phil Hester, Jay Faerber and Chris Roberson. Quality over quantity!

Chris: Are you and your team introducing any new characters in book two?

J.Torres: Well, new to the creative team are Jeff Lemire and Paul Rivoche, and yes, they’ve got new concepts debuting in the book. But returning creators like Tom Fowler and Arthur Dela Cruz are cooking up something new too. You’ll probably see a lot of new villains from most of us, you know? I was just e-mailing with Tim Levins about the bad guy in our Family Dynamic story.

Chris: When we last chatted, you mentioned that some of the heroes have the potential to branch out into their own books. Is this still a possibility?

J.Torres: Of course! But it’s entirely up the individual creators. I know a few, like Ramon Perez and Faith Hicks, have plans, but everyone’s concentrating on the one story for True Patriot for now.

Chris: Speaking of individual series, is the plan for True Patriot to continue being released as hardcover collections, or is there talk of turning True Patriot into a universe of its own, where the characters interact and fight to protect the true north strong and free?

J.Torres: Let me tell you, if I won the lottery I’d start up an imprint just to let these guys go to town with these creations. I love what’s being done in True Patriot that much. I guess I should start playing the lottery…

Chris: With only a few days left until your campaign deadline, what are some of the perks that fans can get their hands on?

J.Torres: You can still order the book of course. We’ve got some bookplates you can get with the book which would include an original sketch by one of our amazing artists. Plus, plenty of bundles which include the book plus various merchandising like a t-shirt, sticker set, prints, etc. We also still have “comic cameos” available for anyone who wants to be immortalized in a comic.

Chris: The first book did a great job of being accessible to many age groups. Has there ever been talk of possibly creating an animated special or series down the road?

J. Torres: In our dreams! When’s the next Lotto 6/49 draw?

Chris: For myself and all of us here at CBT, I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with us about True Patriot 2. Do you have any last things you want to say to fans (and potential new fans) of the book, before we go?

J. Torres: I just want to say thanks to our backers for getting us funded again. We couldn’t have done it without you. Also, thanks to the True Patriot crew for doing this again. There’s no book without them. And to any potential fans out there, it’s not too late to join the party!

Here’s just a sampling of some of the cool characters from True Patriot Volumes 1 and 2:






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