Full Video And Highlights From AMC’s 30-Minute GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Event


guardians of the galaxy bannerAMC’s special live streaming event for Guardians of the Galaxy featuring special guests Chris Pratt (wearing Star-Lord‘s jacket), director James Gunn, and Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige (sporting a hat with Star-Lord‘s logo) has just finished up. The presentation lasted just over the scheduled 30-minutes, but things went smoothly with Gunn and Pratt bringing some incredible energy to the proceedings. While host John Campea didn’t ask any questions we haven’t heard a few times before, Gunn and company did offer up a few tiny nuggets of new info regarding the highly-anticipated cosmic adventure.

cosmoYou can watch the full chat below (it starts about 30 seconds in), but we’ll point out a few of the highlights for you. The question about Cosmo, the fan-favorite telepathic Russian dog astronaut, obviously came up. Feige seemed to be hinting that the character probably made it into the film in some capacity. You could tell it was a real possibility from Feige‘s reaction to the question and how he’s responded to similar questions that turn out to be true in the past.

We know who the finalized Guardians team are for the movie, but there were a few characters who the writers, the director, and Kevin Feige wanted to use but ended up having to leave out for some reason or another. When asked who some of the other Guardians-related characters were that didn’t make the cut, Gunn mentioned that Bug was in the first draft or so as what sounded like a peripheral character. The director also said Starhawk was someone he really liked as well. Tantalus‘ name was thrown out, but nothing outside of his name was mentioned.

Star Chris Pratt gushed about his Star-Lord helmet and how much he loved it too. He said they bolted it on him, but he could see very clearly through its lighted eyes. There was a fan to keep him cool and a microphone in it they could pick up his lines. He said it looks extremely cool. Pratt is the first Marvel hero to be really enthusiastic about his headgear, so that’s a huge plus in Pratt‘s column in my book.

Finally, Gunn and Feige shot down those “one-and-done” rumors about the film that have been circulating. Feige said that they didn’t envision Guardians as a standalone film, but there aren’t any plans for a sequel in place now. It was approached just like every other film according to Feige; make it as if it’s the last movie they’ll ever let Marvel Studios make. You can check out the full video below to see how Gunn and Pratt poke fun at each other as well as what Pratt thinks his Parks and Rec character Bert Macklin would do to Star-Lord. What did you think about the live event? Guardians of the Galaxy stars Prat as Peter “Star-Lord” Quill, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destoryer, Vin Diesel as Groot, and Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon. It will take over theaters August 1st.

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